Sunday, 16 June 2013

Primark, L'Oreal, Barry M and Boots Haul!


 Yesterday I went shopping with my friends to celebrate the end of exams (well 2 left but nearly there!) and I needed to pop into Primark to take back a skirt and get some shoes for prom after my Boohoo shoes arrived with mud on, disgusting.
Primark Coral Skirt - £8
I have been obsessed with theses little skirts recently. They look really good paired with a simple top and are good for hot weather. I love the colour of this, it's so bright and pretty.
Primark 'Jock' T- Shirt -£4
I already have the 'Dork' T-Shirt in white but I have been wearing this so often that I wanted to get another. This one is navy blue with white writing. It has folded up sleeves and a high neck. This will look lovely paired with the coral skirt for summer.
Primark Black Suede Stiletto Heels - £10
These are such an elegant pair of shoes but they are very comfortable because of the thin heel. I have huge feet so got them in what said a size 7 and then when I tried them on at home afterwards, they were way too big so I'll have to swap them for a 6.
Primark Grey Socks with white frills - £1.50
They do these socks in Topshop and cost about £5 more so I decided to pick these cheap dupes up. I willw ear these when I wear a summer dress and converse.
Primark 'Faking It' Fake Tan Mit - £1.50
So far, I have been using a glove to apply fake tan but this mitt claims to give a streak free finish and I have heard good things about it so I will be reviewing that.
Primark Sunkissed Fake Tan Mousse - £2.90
I am very sceptical to try this as the thought of a mahogany coloured umpa lumpa springs to mind when I think of a Primark fake tan but you never know this may work and I will be interested to try.
Boots Cotton Wool Double Faced Pads - £1.89
I have been using Primark's cotton pads which are 89p less but I find they break up really badly and I get cotton in my eyes and are generally a bit rubbish so I decided to pay the extra pennies and get the Boots option.

Montagne Jeunnese Peel Off Masque - £1
I got this in preparation for the prom to wear a few hours before. I have tried MJ masks before and have really enjoyed them so I hope this will be good.
L'Oreal 3 in 1 Miccelar Water - £3.39
I thought this was going to be a lot more expensive than it was but basically it's a toning eye make up remover that has been raved about recently in the blogosphere. It seems to be the dupe for Bioderma which I was trying to stop myself ordering so hopefully it will be just as good.

Barry M Amethyst Glitter Nail Paint - £2.99 
I really liked the Pink Quartz Glitter so I decided to get another. This will look good over lots of different polishes or on it's own.

Barry M Sequin Nail paint in White - £3.99
This was a bit of silly purchase really because after getting so excited about all the new Barry M releases for the summer, I read loads of negative reviews for this and tried to stop myself purchasing this but still I did and I will be reviewing it soon.
So that's what I got. I'm so excited to try all this new stuff out and review it for you especially that fake tan. I haven't seen many reviews for it so I don't know whether that's a good or bad sign, hmm..
Have you done any hauls recently?
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