Saturday, 22 June 2013

Soap and Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt - Review

Quite a while ago now, I was looking for a cheap manual version of the Clarisonic which I would love but it's very much out of my budget for now.. Well of course, S&G's classic girly packaging sucked me in and here we are! Oh, I forgot to mention but I did a post on this as a brush cleanser which you can find out more of how I use it here!
When I first opened this, I was really surprised at how small the mitt is because it appeared so much bigger in the box. The mitt is a flexible pink plastic with a sticky thing (what's it called?) on the back which means you can fix the mitt to your mirror which is very convenient. There are two different textures on the mitt, one has long bristles and the other, bumps. The mitt is bendy so it's easy to wash.
The mitt is designed to improve blood flow to the skin especially for smokers and sun lovers. I use this with a dollop of my S&G Peaches and Clean (notice a pattern?) and massage in my cleanser. I didn't find this to work too well for exfoliation, it's not scrubby enough so I would recommend using a cleanser with this.
But does this really do anything for your skin? Well, I don't think that this has helped prevent or stop breakouts by massaging in my cleanser which I hoped it might but I did find that after using this, my skin did feel a little brighter and smoother, not incredible results but I think it does perk up your skin just a little bit.
Having said that, I think that it's quite a nice product but I think that there might be other massaging facial brushes out there that would have a greater and more noticeable effect than this but it is still nice, definitely not my favourite from Soap and Glory though!
Nice Packaging
Can be stuck on the mirror
Does make your skin a bit brighter
Really good for brush cleansing
Easy to clean

Quite Small
Not dramatic results
Beauty and the Budget


  1. I think this wouldn't work for me. I have sensitive skin and the last time I used something like this I got a rash on my face because it was too harsh :/ I may buy it for my brushes though ha! x

    1. Definetly try it for make up brush cleansing and you might find it's not too harsh for your skin either! x

  2. Lovely review, good to hear an honest opinion! Anything too hard on my face tends to make me break out, but sounds great for the brushes :)
    Carrie:Brighton xx

    1. Thanks! It really does make brush cleaning easier! x

  3. your blog give us more knowledge thanks for itMassage