Saturday, 1 June 2013

Biore, Batiste, Barry M, MUA and Herbal Essences Haul

Gosh, it's just haul after haul around here, tightening of the purse strings is a necessity. I went in to get some more dry shampoo and walked out with a £15 bag of goodies, why was it 3 for 2 on make-up! Just a quick tip, make sure when you go into Superdrug, you pick up the Dare Magazine, it's free and has lots of new products, tips and you will enjoy if you love affordable beauty!
Batiste Dry Shampoo - £1.47
I love dry shampoo for those greasy days and this one from Batiste is lovely. I like the blossom scent as it smells quite sweet and who doesn't want lovely smelling hair!
Herbal Essences Split End Protection Intensive Mask £1.88
I was really surprised that this only cost £1.88, bargain! I really want to get my hair in tip top shape for my prom and my hair feels a bit dry at the ends of the moment so I picked this up.
Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub - £4.99
I only have a quarter left of my Soap and Glory peaches and Clean so I thought it would be time to get anew face wash. I have a serious issue with large pores and bad black heads so when choosing a new face wash, I went with the Biore option as they are famed for their pore cleansing strips.
MUA Power Pout in Crazy in Love and Irreplaceable - £3
It was 3 for 2 and I really wanted to try these so I got two shades. Irreplaceable is a nice bright pink colour and Crazy in love is a deep red colour. I tried these out today and I love them but I will be reviewing these really soon.
Barry M Confetti Nail Effects in Dolly Mix - £3.99
I was so excited about trying all the new Barry M summer releases but after seeing quite a few bad reviews, I decided to get just one confetti nail effect in dolly mix. As I speak, I am waiting for the 4th coat I have applied to dry so I can get a full coverage! They didn't have the sequin nail effect in my Superdrug which I was excited to try so that was a shame.
It was so lovely outside today so I managed to take these photos outside and I was pleased with how they turned out! As usual, you can expect to see reviews of all of these products and if you have any requests, I can get the reviews up more quickly, just let me know!
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  1. I can't wait to see what the Barry M one looks like on!

    1. I had it on yesterday and it took 5 coats to get a full coverage! x

  2. the Biore strips are AMAZING, let me know if the unclogging scrub is just as good!:) xxx

    1. I so want to try them! I have really bad pores so I want to find something to get rid of them! I will do a review soon but so far I like it! x