Thursday, 18 July 2013

All Used Up #5

There seems to be a general theme with the empties in this post, a significant pink hue to the post! Not too many empties in this post today but I am sort of coming to the end of lots of other products so the next post should be a little more full!
I've used up another MJ mask. This time it was a peel off one. I really like these masks and they mostly smell gorgeous but I'm not sure this mask did as much for my skin as some of the other masks have done. I will repurchase more MJ face masks but not this one.
I swear every time I have done an empties post, this Neutrogena face wash has made an appearance. I really disliked this as it dried out my skin, made it feel really tight and generally just wasn't good so I didn't completely use this up but still included it in empties post and every time I went to chuck it away, I thought I better sue it all up and then it ended up in another empties post but I have now chucked this in the bin eventually! I would not repurchase this.
I haver also just come to the end of my beloved peaches and clean cleanser, well actually there's still some left which I will be definitely cutting the packaging to get out but I can no longer use the pump. When I first got this, I was besotted with it but since then, I'm not as in love with it as I was and I think there are better cleansers out there and also S&G have bumped up the price and lowered the amount of product you get so it is really lovely but I really want to try the Boots Botanics cleansing balm which is around the same price mark.
This Superdrug deodorant has come to an end as well. Not too much to say
 about this, it was a nice deodorant but I will just buy what ever is on offer next time, not too fussy about deodorant as long as it does the job!

My final empty is the travel size righteous butter from S&G. I really liked this and have already got a backup body butter from (alliteration use there!) S&G on stand by already. Soap and Glory do lots of different body butters so I want to see whether there will be any difference in the formulas of the different named butters or are they just the same thing with a different pun attached?
What have you used up recently?
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  1. I really like that Neutrogena face wash, it's a shame you didn't get on with it.
    I just put the S&G Peaches & Clean on my Birthday Wishlist :) x


  2. I'm obsessed with trying different cleansers at the moment, I really want to try the soap and glory one!


    1. I'd really recommend it! Just got the superdrug hot cloth cleanser, excited to try that! x

  3. I actually have all of these apart from the deodorant!
    Great taste ;)
    jessica xx