Thursday, 25 July 2013

Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Spot Wand - Review

I think I have had this little spot wand from the Boots tea tree and witch hazel for about a year now but it is still available (at a higher price) I have been using it on and off as a spot treatment for those pesky white heads that pop their head up at the wrong times!
I really like the packaging for this, it's very much no frills just practical. The wand has two ends with a spot fighting formula for the day which is clear and a creamier formula. The brushes are little doe foot applicators which are small so you can get the formula on the spot. I find that both the day and night formula's work evenly well at spot fighting. The formula has a scent to it, a sort of tea tree scent which isn't too strong so if you don't like it, it will be fine.
I have been experimenting to find the best way to apply this and I have found that if you keep on applying this over the spot that would get bigger if you left it, after a good few hours say 7 hours, the spot shrinks and does not get bigger at all and is gone within a day or two! Or another way of using this is to apply the night formula before you go to sleep and leave it on overnight. When I use the product like this, it does really work but when I only use it once a day, it doesn't work.

When you first apply it to the blemish, you can feel a tingle on the skin nothing painful but I think that sort of shows that it is working. If I apply too much, this can sting my sensitive skin but if you only apply it to the blemish, it shouldn't. I think this would work on a whitehead one off blemish (sounds lovely..) but I don't think this would work for full on acne.
Overall, I am in love with this product! It's the only thing that I have tried that can actually make an impact on blemishes and so I think this has holy grail status and I will definitely be repurchasing! I am so impressed with this that I will definitely be repurchasing from the tea tree and witch hazel brand at Boots and by the way it's 3 for 2 on the brand at the moment so now's a good time to take a look!

Nice packaging
Reduces blemish size
Stops blemishes getting bigger
Nice scent

To get results, you have to use all day
What do you use for blemishes?

You can purchase this here for £3.59
Beauty and the Budget


  1. I use a tea-tree spot treatment I got in Superdrug, its ok and does the job (sometimes) but I find I have to apply it a lot x

  2. Oh I am so picking this up, I'm struggling with my skin so much at the minute!! xx

    Gem | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie