Monday, 15 July 2013

DGJ Organics Hair Juice Clarifying Shampoo - Review

This is the second review of the two products that I won from Lora Loves' blog giveaway and it is a clarifying shampoo that is meant to be used when you feel as if you have too much product in your hair and this shampoo will strip all the product build up and hard water to restore the shine and vitality! I haven't tried a clarifying shampoo before so I was excited to see what would happen!

I absolutely love the smell of this, it's just like a salon with rose extract and mandarin! The bottle is also nice and you can easily get out the amount you need. The shampoo is clear in colour. When you massage it into your hair, it lathers up well and you can really get in there with it! (into the roots of your hair is what I meant..)
When you think of a clarifying shampoo, you think that it will dry out your hair. This shampoo did make my hair feel a little less hydrated but that's nothing that can't be sorted out with an intense conditioner although I wouldn't suggest using this as an everyday shampoo, it's a bit too harsh for that but once a week should be fine!
So dis this remove all the product build up in my hair? Well I think that my hair did feel a little softer and a bit more healthy so yes, I think this did work and I think I would recommend it as a clarifying shampoo, impressed!
Overall, if your after a clarifying shampoo to use every  so often this would be a good pick and it's not too expensive either!
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