Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Famous No Shine Face Powder - Review

I have had this face powder for ages now. I think it came free with an MUA order that I placed months ago and has been lurking in my base draw for quite a while now so instead of leaving it in there neglected, I thought I would try it and see how it is!

The packaging for this is pretty eye catching and pretty unique! It's quite big and chunky for a compact and very substantial with a mirrored casing with animal print and a red button which you press to reveal the powder and the mirror inside. I really like the fact that there is a mirror because you can take this in your make up bag and then you don't have to take an extra mirror as well. I really like the packaging and it feels more high end than the drugstore price. The powder has practically no scent to it unless you really go close to the product where you get a hint of a 'cosmetic scent' but nothing that would put you off using the product. The powder comes in 4 shades with a translucent option included. I didn't get any choice of the shade as this was a freebie from an order but I have the darkest shade which is one and only. This shade would be suitable for a medium/tan skin shade but they don't really cater for darker skin colours.

The powder is very pigmented and I find when you swirl the brush in the pan to get the product, lots of powder comes off and often collects in the corners. The powder is very 'powdery' and I find that when you first apply this, it can look a bit cakey although I do find this does get rid of shine and adds slightly more coverage. Shine is usually banished on my face for about 6 hours which is good but I have a quite dry skin type so I'm not sure this would keep shine away all day on an oily skin.

For me, I only use this once in the morning because I don't find I get very shiny and don't need to top up so this sets my foundation and keeps shine away. But, for an oily skin, I think this wouldn't really make a good top up powder because as you top up throughout the day, your face would get really cakey and not look great with all the layering.
Overall, this is a nice powder but for me it's a little too powdery and it does cake so I think I prefer my Rimmel Stay Matte powder which I don't find cakes at all. This is a good powder but there are better powders out there and I wouldn't rush back to repurchase this although the packaging is a bit nice.
You can purchase this here for £2.54
What is your favourite powder?
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  1. I got this free a while ago with an mua order too. I got the light shade which was lucky for me as i'm pretty pale! I thought it was a nice powder but I also agree it was a bit too powdery and looked a bit cakey on my face.



    1. It's really nice when you feel the same way about a product! x