Monday, 15 July 2013

In The Nude..

Sometimes you just need to forget about the hot pink and the orange nails and just go nude. A good nude polish on the nails is classic, elegant and just gives a really polished look to your hands. I have chosen 4 nudes which are all very different colours but in the general grey, brown, cream spectrum so without further ado, here they are..
Mud Pie from MUA is a brown nude colour with no shimmers or glitters just a brown, simple. This looks really nice on the toes and equally on the fingers as well. It would look lovely with most skin tones and especially with a paler tone.
Barry M's Grey is on the darker end of the spectrum and is a more opaque grey colour. This looks really nice if you want a colour that doesn't particularly stand out but still looks polished.
Lychee by Barry M is one of the new shades introduced by Barry M for the summer. It is by far the lightest colour. A sort of off white cream colour. This colour is really nice on it's own maybe with a tan or as a base for glitter top coats.
And finally we have Winterberry from Sinful Colours which does contain shimmer. I'd say it's like 'grey' but with a bit more of a purple tone and with some shimmer so this would be lovely if you want to wear a nude nail but 'fun it up' with a bit of shimmer!
What's your favourite nude nail polish?
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  1. My favourite nude is Lychee by Barry M, closely followed by Essie Eternal Optimist x