Wednesday, 3 July 2013

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water - Review

Micellar waters seem to be the it product in the beauty world at the moment with lots of brands bringing out their take on the trend. I have today L'Oreal's highly raved about 3 in 1 purifying miccelar water to review. Lots of blogs have talked about this very highly and it is apparently a good dupe for the much loved Bioderma. I was very curious to see whether this would live up to those claims.
The packaging for this looks really nice, you get a good amount of product and it looks more expensive than it costs. But, I have a problem with the little hole in the top of this which lets the product out. I find that it's really hard to get out the right amount of product easily and so I seem to be getting through this quite quickly so make sure that you gently pour out the solution or your cotton pad will get a little too soggy.
As a makeup remover, i find this is really good. To use it, I take a cotton pad and pop some of the solution on. Then I hold the cotton pad over my eye for a few seconds and then clean up any makeup remaining with the cotton pad. I find that with some eye make up removers, I have really bad panda eyes in the morning because not all the make up is off but with this, I have virtually no eye makeup left on the following morning. This did not irritate my eyes at all which I really like because when removing liner, your bound to get some remover in your eye but luckily this does not hurt at all! 
This is not just an eye makeup remover, L'Oreal says you can use this on the face and lips as well like a toner. I find this is good at taking off facial makeup but I do prefer using a cleanser as I don't want to run the risk of leaving foundation on my skin  overnight if I haven't taken the cotton pad all over my face properly so I do prefer my cleanser for that. But when I did use this to remove face makeup, I found it worked well but it did dry my skin out and I found that I had to really slap on the moisturiser.
L'Oreal also says that this unclogs pores and removes impurities which I was really hoping that it would do. Unfortunately, my pores felt exactly the same and I didn't really get any less blemishes whilst using this so I don't really think this is going to help with your skin.
Overall, I think as an eye makeup remover, this is really good and it would be perfect if you have sensitive eyes so I would definitely recommend it for that! But, as a facial make up remover, I don't think this is great, yes it does do the job but for me with my slightly sensitive skin, I found this dried me out. Perhaps, if you have oily skin, this would work well as a toner but maybe not for dry skin girls.
Lovely packaging
Very Gentle
Excellent eye make up remover
Does not irritate eyes
Good at removing facial makeup
Quite cheap
Perfect for sensitive skins
Hard to get out the right amount
May dry out the skin
No skin benefits
What did you think of this product?
You can purchase this here for £3.33
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  1. I'm getting this soon as my current eye make up remover is nearly finished, I would only use this on the eyes as I've heard various people including Essie Button say it dries the skin out x

    1. Yeh my skin feels really fry after using this! x

  2. This product sounds Great!! Packaging for this looks really nice. I like it but my skin is very sensitive so, Is this good for my skin??

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    1. Yes I definitely think so it does say it's hypo allergenic so you should be good to go!