Saturday, 27 July 2013

MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow - Review

I was so excited when I finally purchased my first MAC eyeshadow and for a long time didn't want to open it in case something happened to it (I know, embarrassing..) but since then I have been started treating this in the same way as any other eyeshadow. You hear so much hype about MAC eyeshadows especially from Tanya Burr on YT (who may have influenced this purchase..) so I really wanted to see whether they were worth the hype and £12.50 price tag!
All That Glitters has a veluxe pearl finish which is a metallic, shimmery finish so attracts light to the lid and wakes up the eyes but can highlight fine lines and wrinkles. I really like that MAC have so much choice of colours and finishes in their eye shadows.
The packaging for this is classic MAC loveliness. It's simple, sturdy and black and it has a translucent front so you can see what the colour is. On the back, all the shadows are named and it says what finish they have. I think when you buy high end cosmetics it's part for the quality and part for the packaging and for me, MAC does not disappoint, the packaging feels lovely. The product doesn't seem to have any scent which is nice because sometimes scents can irritate the skin and just put you off.  

All that glitters is a shimmery light peach/gold shimmer which looks absolutely lovely all over the lid and is a good colour for a one eyeshadow simple look for everyday or you could use this as a highlight on the tops of your cheekbones and down the centre of your nose. I really thought that the eyeshadow would be slightly more buttery than it is. It's not a particularly buttery soft pigmentation but it's still nicely pigmented and you don't have to work into it too hard to get it onto your brush, I think it's not hugely pigmented because of the shimmery finish.

So the pigmentation is nice but the lasting time wasn't good at al. The first time I wore this, I was out from morning to the afternoon and I was expecting that it would still look perfect by the time I returned but it had creased really badly and you couldn't really see it at all anymore. So I thought this must be a fluke and so I tried it out again and the same thing, it creased after about 3 or 4 hours and wore away pretty quickly. If this had been an MUA eyeshadow I would have been ok with it but not MAC! This would not last all day unless you primed your eyes which I would really recommend for this shadow.
Lasting time aside, I love everything else about this eyeshadow, the colour, packaging and the pigmentation is really good too but the lasting time isn't too good at all. I think this is probably because of the finish of the shadow and I think I will continue to buy MAC eyeshadows. and fill in a quad. I would recommend this but definitely invest in a  primer as well. Next on my want list is wood winked so perhaps see that in a Birthday haul soon :)

Overall, this is a lovely eyeshadow minus the lasting time which is probably down to the shimmery finish. But I have found loads of drugstore dupes for this which are a lot cheaper and may even last longer. I will be doing a post on all the dupes I can find soon so if you have your eye on this, watch out for that!

Lovely packaging
Lovely colour
Good for simple eye look
Nice pigmentation

Poor lasting time
Have you tried any MAC eyeshadows, what did you think?
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  1. Looking forward to the dupes post xx

  2. Thanks I'll be going through my make up draws looking for dupes I think MUA might have a few! x