Tuesday, 2 July 2013

MUA Nail Polish Range - Review

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered 3 of the polishes from the MUA £1 line which they have popped into new bottles that look strikingly like that of Essie, hmmm... Anyway, today I will be sharing my thoughts on the new range, enjoy!

First up the packaging which I think is a big improvement on the old packaging which really did look cheap. The new packaging looks much more expensive and the bottles look really cute put together. The amount of nail polish you get in the bottle is not as much as you get in other bottles of polish but usually you never really finish a bottle of nail polish and it's really hard to get the end dregs out so small amounts of polish are fine with me! MUA have finally started to give their shades names (hooray!) which for most people does not matter but for beauty bloggers, it matters a lot!

The brush of the MUA nail polishes is pretty standard, not like the Essie or Rimmel mahoosive brushes at all. So this means applying the polish can take a little longer but if you go slowly you can still get a really good finish.

All of the shades that I have have really similar formulas. They all definitely need 2 -3 coats because the first and possibly second coats are always really streaky, I haven't ever seen a streakier nail polish and I have used lots of brands in my timer! But once built up you can get a good opaque coverage.

The lasting time is not great on these polishes and they do chip quite easily like after a day or 2 but I suppose if you put a really good quality top coat over them like Seche Vite, your mani would last a little longer.

The formula of these polishes might not be great but I really like the colour range and I absolutely love both Pistachio Ice Cream and Lush Lilac for the summer. The shade range is really good with 16 different colours so this range is really good for sampling different coloured nail polish and seeing what is right for you and if you don't like it, you have only lost a pound and not £9 or £10!

Lush Lilac is not a lilac colour at all. it is much more of a baby pastel pink and I love it! This has been  my go to colour for my nails thus summer!

Pistachio Ice Cream is a lovely mint green colour and is a really good dupe for Essie's Mint Candy Apple in colour and packaging (but perhaps not in formula!)

Mud pie I have not worn so much as it's not entirely season appropriate but I can guarantee that when the weather gets colder, this brown colour will be on my nails most days!

Overall, I love the colours that I have and other colours in the shade range but the formula is not great. I think these are perfect to try out a new colour and check if it's right for you so I would recommend them for that!

Nice Packaging
Lovely shade range
Good Names
Very Cheap

Very Streaky
Quite Small Brush
Does not last long
Chips Easily

You can purchase these nail polishes here for £1 each

Beauty and the Budget


  1. I've bought a few of these. I've been finding the darker ones go on better and last better than the paler shades x

    1. Yeh mud pie lasts longer than the pastel shades! :)

  2. I think I pretty much have the full range of MUA's nail polishes because I couldn't resist the bargains and I really do love the majority of the colours!

    Just to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster Award so really hope you complete it :)

    Hannah xx Squidoodles & oodles

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