Friday, 19 July 2013

MUA Power Pouts Lip Tint - Review

I have had these little beauties in my lip product draw waiting to be reviewed ever since I hauled them a couple of months back but I just completely forgot about them until now! MUA say they are a 'colour intense lip tint and balm' just what I like in a lip product! They are a bit like colouring your lips in with a crayon which really appeals to me and my inner child!

The packaging for these is really nice and very practical and very similar to that of the more expensive Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains or the Clinique Chubby Sticks. The packaging looks better than it's small price tag, the outer casing is plastic and is meant to translate to the colour inside but it does not! So before you pick your colour, make sure you have a swatch and don't just go on the outer tube colour. The little metal bit on the end makes sharpeners redundant as it winds up the colour so no messy sharpening, yay! One thing to note about these is although they are lovely and small so perfect handbag size, the lids could slide off so make sure you screw them on well and also try not to leave this in the heat as they could easily melt but if that happens just pop it in the fridge! Hooray, MUA have finally started naming their products and this line of lip tints all have a BeyoncĂ© link, irreplaceable (to the left, to the left..) and crazy in love just to name a few which provided me with some merriment!
The power pouts all have a strong minty smell. Personally, I'm not mad for the green stuff but if you really dislike the scent that might put you off using them! I think because these have that mint taste, it makes your lips tingle slightly when you first apply, nothing too much but just a slight tingle. The pigmentation for these is really good considering they are a sort of balm. They glide onto the lips so easily and don't settle into cracks in the lips at all. They feel really moisturising when you put them off and don't dry the lips out at all. The colour pay off is really good and you get a really bold lip considering these are only a balm. The shade range also appears to be quite extensive with 6 shades to chose from. I have irreplaceable which is a warm baby pink shade and I also have crazy in love which is a deep red colour which I love!

When you first apply these, they have a really glossy shiny finish but through time, the gloss wears away and you are left with a lovely stain which lasts extremely well. I'd say these are one of the most long lasting lip product that I own which is really impressive for £3. So these are perfect as a care free lip product that you won't have to touch up every often at all, maybe once  a day and that's it. I even wore crazy in love to my prom and it lasted all night!

Overall, I really do love these power pouts. They last a really long time, there's a really good shade range from neutrals to brights and they leave a lovely stain to the lips! One of my favourite lip products. I would definitely recommend that you try a couple of colours from the range and if you don't love them, it's only £3 gone but I'm pretty sure you will :) I do apologise for these terrible lip swatches but taking pictures of your lips with just one hand is pretty hard!

Nice Packaging
Twist Up - no sharpening
Nice Colour Range
Glossy Finish
Great Pigmentation
Last Really Well
Stain the Lips
Widely Available

Slight Tingle when you apply them
Mint Scent (quite strong so not great if you dislike it)

Have you tried these, what do you think?

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  1. I have these colours too and I LOVE them! The only thing is, after a while they go a bit blunt, slip to one side and go a bit mucky. But for £3 I am prepared to tidy them up a wee bit!

    1. Mine are just starting to slip to one side as well! :)

  2. Hi Emily,
    I love your blog and have nominated it for a Liebster Award
    Shannon xxx

    1. Oh Thank you lovely I will take a look now! x