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MUA Undressed Palette - Review

If you have not heard of this palette from MUA, have you been living under a rock for the past few years? If that is the case, this palette from MUA has been hugely hyped up in the blogosphere as the dupe for Urban Decay's Naked Palette which I still don't have *wahhh!* Anyway, this has been my go to neutrals palette since I purchased it a few years ago.
The packaging of this palette is no frills, just basic but when your buying budget beauty produtcs, you can't expect packaging of Chanel standard. Having said that, I do expect drugstore beauty products to have durable packaging that does not break and this has failed! The hinges on my palette has snapped so the lid has come off which means I have to put an unsatisfactory blue rubberband round my palette to hold it together for travel. SO I warn you, be gentle! The palette comes with one of those little sponge applicators which I hate sot hat was instantly chucked away into a draw. Other features of the palette include a tutorial on the back which is a nice touch however MUA have not named their shades in this palette which is annoying, how long/hard is it to make up some names?!

Onto the shadows, the palette has 12 eye shadows, a mix of shimmers and mattes. The 2 matte shades (a lighter and darker brown) are not very well pigmented so if your looking for a matte palette, this won't be the best option although you could use the matte shade for your brows and make the palette more versatile. The shimmers are lovely! They are really soft and well pigmented and look so pretty on the eyes! The different shades and mixture of mattes and shimmers means that there are loads of different looks you could do which makes this a lovely everyday palette. The lasting time of the eye shadows is good but not all day unless you used a good primer. They don't crease for about 6 hours which is still good for a £4 palette. I don't think the formula of these shadows would be as good as the Naked palette but the shadows still are very good.

Shade 1 is a slightly shimmery champagne colour, perfect for the brow bone or tear duct

Shade 2 is a shimmery, frosty pink/cream colour lovely all over the lid

Shade 3 is a matte light brown colour with quite weak pigmentation so maybe good for the brows

Shade 4 is a brown shimmer again good all over the lid

Shade 5 is a darker matte brown again not great pigmentation so good for the brows or you could work the colour in as a contour in the crease

Shade 6 is a shimmery gold lovely all over the lid on it's own

Shade 7 is a brown/gold shimmer perfect all over the lid and perhaps crease colour

Shade 8 is a dark shimmer lovely in the outer corner to smoke out your eye shadow

Shade 9 is a pink/brown shimmer (my favourite) and looks so pretty all over the lid and then blended into the crease

Shade 10 is similar to shade 8 maybe just a tad darker shimmer, lovely for lining the eyes

Shade 11 is a black shimmer good for either the outer corner or for lining the eyes

Shade 12 is a navy blue shimmer nice all over the lid

Overall, this may not be as good as the UD Naked Palette but it still packs a punch! I would definetly recommend this as an everyday eye palette and not just as a substitute for the Naked palette, an essential nude palette for every woman!

Lovely Shimmers
Lasts Well
Good variety of colours
Soft shadows
Good pigmentation
Lots of looks can be created
Handbag Size
Some colours good for brows

Flimsy packaging
Poor pigmentation on matte colours
May need a primer if you have oily lids

You can purchase this here for £4

Beauty and the Budget


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