Saturday, 13 July 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer in Nova - Review

When Rimmel released these new liquid lipsticks, the blogosphere went crazy for them! I didn't jump on the band wagon for quite a while though until I went to London and picked up one in the shade Nova. So are they worth the hype, let's see..

First up, the packaging. I really like the packaging for these. It's very trendy and I like the end of them which has lots of different angles on it (a bit like something Lady Ga Ga would wear!) The brush of these I absolutely love, it's really unique and it's not like anything I have ever tried before. It is a sponge applicator but it has a little hole in the middle where the product builds up making sure that you get the right amount of product on the brush. The brush seems to be really flexible and a really unique shape which means it's really easy to apply the product really neatly so I love that! The colour of nova is a bright pink/purple/fuchsia colour. All of the colours in the range are very bright so don't try these if your not a fan of bright lips! One thing I'm not to keen on about the Apocalips is the strong make up synthetic scent which you can really smell for a long time once it's on so that does sort of put me off wearing the
The formula of these is very much a liquid lipstick and the pigmentation is really incredible, the best I have seen from a drugstore if not any brand so full marks there! You can either apply this with the applicator for a full on bright effect or you could take a teeny bit on your finger and pat it on for a less dramatic finish.
I didn't find this stuck to the dry patches on my lips instead I found this really moisturising on my lips. The lip lacquer has a semi matte finish with a shine and through time, the shine wears away leaving a more matte finish. The lasting time is actually really good at about 4 hours although it doesn't wear particularly evenly so you may want to reapply after the 4 hours but for a lip product 4 hours is pretty good! I find in the first 20 minutes, this does transfer quite badly but then it 's fine so I'd say before you go anywhere put this on for a good few minutes to let it 'set'
Overall, I think these really are good products and for a bright lip that will be really eye catching I would definitely recommend this. Although it does has a few faults like the smell and how it does not wear evenly but apart from that these really are great and I will be purchasing more colours!
Quite nice colour range
Widely Available
Great Pigmentation
Good lasting time
Great Applicator
Doesn't cling to dry patches
Strong Scent
Doesn't wear evenly
No non bright colours in the range
You can purchase these here for £5.99
Beauty and the Budget


  1. I still haven't jumped on this bandwagon, not sure if I will as I've heard mixed reviews! I think I'd buy one if they did brighter shades - like a bright pink! x