Thursday, 4 July 2013

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Kajal Liner in Black - Review

I have quite sensitive eyes so drawing a line around my eye with an eyeliner does not always appeal to me! But on the occasion when I do wear eye liner, Rimmel's offering has been great!

Their kohl kajal liner has a really creamy intensely pigmented formula to it. Literally, a light swatch on your hand results in a black line that does not budge for days even after a shower. You can get a really intense liner look with Rimmel's pencil with minimal tugging and dragging on your eye because of the strong pigmentation. And you can also use the pencil to create a winged liner look on your upper lashes and blend it out for a smoky eye.
I have tried quite a few drugstore eye liners and the vast majority wear away within the hour or leave me with terrible panda eyes. But I find that the longevity of this pencil really depends on whether I will be sweaty or not. If I am, then my eyeliner will last about 4 hours which is better than lots of drugstore liners that I have tried but if I am not, the wear time is a little longer but I wouldn't say this would last all day. So the lasting power is better than some other liners but still not great and it can smudge under the eye after a while.
Another slight issue I have with this product is that it is so hard to remove! 2 to 3 days after wearing this, I still have remains of eye liner left around my eyes, it just does not budge! This really puts me off wearing eye liner because it's such hassle to remove!
In my search for a liner that lasts all day, this falls short but in terms of pigmentation but in terms of pigmentation and how ell this glides on, it is really great! Perhaps if you have very dry, non sensitive eyes this could last all day but those of us with runny sensitive eyes, I'm afraid the search continues for the perfect liner..
Really pigmented
Nice Packaging
Glides on well
Not expensive
No pulling on the eye to get on
Comes in a range of colours
Does not last all day
An absolute bugger to remove
Smudges under the eyes
Do you have an eyeliner that you swear by?
You can purchase this here for £3.99
Beauty and the Budget


  1. I love this eyeliner! I have the bronze one as I don't really wear black eyeliner for some reason. It does have a great staying power, but it's a bit hard compared to the Maxfactor ones. I tried the Maxfactor one and fell in love! It's so soft, perfect!