Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sample Sunday #3 - Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume

I came across this sample ages ago on the Taylor Swift perfume Facebook account, I popped in my details and it was whisked off to me in a little envelope. The original Taylor Swift perfume is pretty hyped up in the blogosphere so I was really interested to see whether I would like it or not.
The sample came in a little card which has the same pattern as the bottle. I don't have the bottle that the perfume comes in but I think it looks quite cute, not particularly luxurious but it's not a really high end perfume. The sample came in little glass tube which makes it really good for travel.
The scent of this perfume, I love! It's a sweet, fruity, floral scent very girly! I really love this cent but don't expect it to last all day! I only find this lasts for a couple of hours before it has worn away which is good for a mid range perfume. If you were going to get this, it might be good to bring a bit in your handbag so you can top up throughout the day and keep the sweet scent up.
To be honest, I didn't have great expectations for this as it's a celebrity endorsed perfume but I was wrong, it's a lovely perfume with a really beautiful scent and a quite good lasting time! I don't actually have a full size perfume just lots of little samples and I'm trying to test them all out to see which scent I love and want to but the full size off and so far, this is the most likely one for me to buy and it's not too expensive, hooray!
You can purchase the 50ml bottle for £29 here or the 30ml bottle for £20 here
Beauty and the Budget


  1. haha, so cute! i do love ms swift xx

  2. I love the smell of this, my friends have it and it smells so nice!!