Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sample Sunday #1 - Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Today marks the first in a new series on my blog, Sample Sunday! I have seen this on lots of other blogs and I really like reading through them on a Sunday. I have quite a few little sample sachets tucked away in the back of my draws so doing this new series should encourage me to use them up! I hope you enjoy the series!
I have tried so many different products to try and get rid of the black heads on my nose but nothing has worked for me so when I got my hands on a little sample of the Origins charcoal masks I was very intrigued to see if a high end product could do the job!
The mask comes in a nice squeezy tube and has a fresh 'natural' scent which isn't too strong or over powering either. The formulas of the mask is quite thick and is richly pigmented so a little goes a long way  so the tube should take a while to use up. I have heard lots of things in the blogosphere about charcoal being really good for pore unclogging so I had high hopes for this and also I have not seen one bad review about this.
Anyway, Origins recommends that you steam your face before use to open up your pores so I just popped some warm water on a flannel and ran it over my face to make the sure the mask was really effective. Then I just popped the mask on all over my face concentrating on the 'porey bits' which for me is my chin, cheeks and nose. I found that the mask dried quickly and I could sort of feel it working which I like to feel especially when you spend £20 on a product. With this mask, you can definitely do other things whilst it's on as it will not drip off and be all messy.  My skin felt a little tight but nothing uncomfortable. After about 15 minutes, the mask had dried and I took my flannel again and wiped the mask off and it came off really easily with no scrubbing needed.
So did this work? Yes in short. My pores were definitely reduced in size and they looked a lot smaller and less noticeable. I think that if you kept using this mask say twice a week, you could get rid of those black heads or make them really small! This is the first black head mask that I have tried and I have seen instant results with which is really impressing and with continued usage, I think the results could be really good!
Now I know this is a budget beauty blog but I hope you don't mind me talking about these high end products (trust me, it won't happen that often!) But I do think that I would and probably will invest in this as this did work which is so good! If I do end up splashing out with this, I will be trying to find some good dupes from the drugstore for those of you who don't want to splash out on this (I'm looking at you Sanctuary 10 minute detox mask..) So this face mask is officially on the save up for list!

You can purchase this here for £22


  1. one i found worked really well on pores is the montagne jeunesse virgin olive face mask, i also have realllly bad pores but i used this and its made a massive difference!


    1. I will definitely try that! Thanks for the recommendation! x