Thursday, 1 August 2013

All Used Up #6

My 6th empties post is quite a big'un this time. Lots of these empties especially in the makeup category have been dug out at the back of my makeup draw and are finally being thrown out! Anyway, on with the empties!

My mum gave me this L'Oreal Nutri Lift body moisturiser ages ago and I have finally used it all up. It's a more liquid body moisturiser, definitely not a butter formula. I found this to be quite a nice moisturiser, not outstanding.I don't think it firmed me up at all like promised in the packaging. This was quite good but I would not repurchase.
Just when I think I have scraped out the remainings of Clean and Clear's dual action moisturiser, another teeny bit pops up but now, I think this has all gone. I bought this on miss budget beauty's recommendations like a lot of things because Khila said that it's a really good spot treatment. I did like this and it did reduce the size of my blemishes but I prefer my spot wand from Boots for spot fighting for that job. I did like this but I don't think it was good enough for me to repurchase again.
I used Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner Sachet after dip dyeing my hair with the L'Oreal kit and I really liked it. I actually depotted this into a little S&G pot so that I could use it more than once and I have had 4 uses out of the one sachet so if you have this, make sure you depot! I really really liked this deep conditioner but £1 for 4 uses is a bit expensive although I think they do this in a big bottle as well which I will be purchasing.

You may remember I reviewed some Sanctuary goodies for Christmas and I didn't really like any of the products including this body butter. This body butter was ok, it was moisturising but it didn't last long but I won't repurchase this.

This L'Oreal conditioning shampoo came with the dip dye kit and I really liked it. I find some shampoos really dry out my hair but this didn't at all, it was really nice. I don't think that you can buy these shampoos that can come in the kits but I got a sample of another L'Oreal shampoo in a magazine so I'm hoping that should be really good.

This Stargazer eyeliner I got so long ago when I was first getting into makeup. It's a bright green eyeliner (what was I thinking!) which I have never worn and it has dried out now. I think it's fair to say that it will not be repurchasing a green eyeliner again!

Another make up product that has dried out is this concealer from W7. I really didn't like this, it creased, settled into dry patches and fine lines and just generally wasn't very good so I won' be repurchasing this either!

Another Christmas present that has run out now is this glittery eye liner from MUA in shade 2. I didn't really like this much because the glitter is very sparse in the formula so you can't build it up to get a full glittery line so guess what, I won't be repurchasing this!

I was quite upset when this nail polish from 17 got gooey because I really liked the shade. Pink lemonade is a really pretty warm baby pink colour. I don't know about you, but I always find that 17 nail polishes go really gloopy really quickly and only last a couple of months.

This time's empties have had a rather negative will not repurchase theme but hopefully next time, the empty post will have more of an up beat theme!

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  1. I love the Aussie 3 min sachets, so affordable and when they're on 3 for 2 you can stock up without spending loads. Good tip about putting the product into a pot x