Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Review

 Welcome to a review of one of the if not the most hyped up product in the blogosphere! It would seem that every single blogger and their dog has tried Collection's concealer and most people seem to love it! After reading another rave review about this I was pushed over the edge and went out and bought the concealer from Superdrug!
The packaging for the concealer is pretty basic, a small plastic tube with a black lid and black writing on the side which I have heard rubs off rather quickly but I'm sure I won't forget what's in the tube! When I first got this, it looked a lot smaller than I thought, it seems so big in all the blog photos but in real life, it's pretty small so you probably will have to repurchase this quite a lot if you use it every day as you don't get much product. The brush for the concealer is a doe foot applicator which works well as it's quite small so you can target the blemish you are trying to cover easily! The packaging for this is one thing I really hate, I find every time I go to twist the concealer back in, it sort of explodes and leaves a terrible mess every thing that I really don't like about this product is the smell! It smells really synthetic and just not nice at all, like plastic. Thankfully though, the smell doesn't last long so this shouldn't be too much of a problem.
The shade range is pretty impressive for a drugstore brand with 4 different shades from fair to dark. However from swatching the 4 shades, they all have an orange tone to them so I would say if you are not sure what shade to pick to go for one shade lighter to prevent orange splodges all over your face! Also,  if you're planning on using this on blemishes and under your eyes, maybe get a lighter shade for the under eyes to illuminate and a darker shade to cover blemishes without highlighting them (I never want to do that!)
The formula for this is a pigmented peach toned liquid (so good for under eyes to cancel out green/purple tones)I find it's easy to blend into the skin and does not settle into fine lines too much and dry patches as it doesn't have a dry formula. I find that this concealer has a really high coverage, higher than my kick ass concealer from S&G which I really like because I have really bad under eye circles so I find this conceals very nicely. I have been more using this on my under eye circles as I have been loving my Maybelline cover stick for blemishes but I think this would do well on blemishes also.
Usually, when products claim to be 'long lasting' and '16 hour wear' they last the morning and then go patchy so with a big 16 hour wear symbol on the front, I had my expectations at the ready and happily I was wrong, this lasted well, about 6 hours which is good (not 16 hrs though!) and if you set it with a powder it would last even longer! When it comes to blending concealer out, I find my fingers work really well because the warmth warms the concealer in but it's pretty easy to blend in anyway.
Overall, there are a few things I don't like about this product like the smell and the fact the packaging rubs off so quickly and the slightly orangey shades but most of the problems are quite minor and the shade issue can be resolved by going a shade lighter but apart from that this really is a good concealer, it has a high coverage and it lasts well and is I think the best drugstore liquid concealer out there so I would definitely recommend you pick up a tube of this stuff and if you don't like it, you haven't lost so much money that you have to shed a tear :)
This really is a lovely concealer but is it worth the extreme hype, hmm.. half and half I think. With all the hype, you would have thought that this would be a fault-less product but no this did have a couple of faults but it's still a lovely concealer and worth a good review, maybe not that  much hype though!
Practical Packaging
Precise Applicator
Good Shade Range
High Coverage
Covers well
Doesn't crease too much
Lasts 6hrs
Doesn't cake
Smells Horrible
Orange Tones in the shades
Writing rubs off
Not much product
Have you tried this, what did you think?
You can purchase this here for £4.19
Beauty and the Budget

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