Monday, 5 August 2013

L'Oreal Miccelar Water vs. Simple Eye Make Up Remover

Not long ago, I reviewed very favourably L'Oreal's micellar water which has had a lot of hype in the blogosphere lately (which you can find here) Anyway, before I got the L'Oreal micellar water I was using the Simple eye make up remover and both of these products are really similar. I believe the Simple option is a lot cheaper at only £1.50 whereas the L'Oreal option is £3.33 so I though I would do a comparison post today to see which of these drugstore eye make up removers is the better option!
If you have read the L'Oreal review, you will know that although I thought the packaging was nice looking, it was really impractical because the hole which lets the product out is really big so you always pour out loads of product and so you get through it really quickly. Well, I much prefer Simple's packaging. It's a bit more sturdy (so more travel friendly) and the hole is smaller so it's a lot easier to get the right amount out. In terms of formula, both products are really similar, they both have the same consistency as water really.
In terms of make up removing power, I think L'Oreal's offering has the edge. It just removes eye make up just that tinsy bit better than Simple does and takes a little while longer  but Simple is still a really good remover. L'Oreal claim that their micellar solution can remove facial makeup as well but I found that this really dried out my skin so I would not recommend you use that on your face and the Simple one does not say it can be used on the face so both products I would keep for removing eye make up exclusively.

One thing that I do prefer about the L'Oreal option is that it does not irritate my eyes at all if I manage to be clumsy and get some in them which I really like! The Simple remover however, I do find does irritate my rather sensitive eyes and does sting a little when I have a clumsy moment. So if you do have really sensitive eyes, definitely go for the L'Oreal water as it really does not sting at all, perhaps because it's a micellar water and the Simple one isn't.
So, which one is the better deal? Well, I think this is dependent on whether you have sensitive eyes or not. If you do, go with the L'Oreal micellar solution, it won't sting and works really well but if you don't, I think I would save a few pennies and go with the Simple eye make up remover because the packaging is a lot better, it works well and it's cheaper so you can spend your savings on a £1.99 Sinful Colour polishes instead!
You can purchase the L'Oreal Micellar Solution here for £3.33 and the Simple Eye Make Up Remover here for £1.50.
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  1. your blog is go good, I really like it!
    I'm still at Secondary school and all of your products are at a very decent price and you give so good posts on them! Honestly I have gone out and bought most of my make up and beauty things after reading your posts! I just want to say thanks for the hours of reading and keep up the good work! xxx
    - I have the simple eye make up remover too!

    1. Thank you very much, it's lovely to know that my little ramblings are being enjoyed! :) x