Thursday, 22 August 2013

Not Quite White..

Every now and then, a new colour of nail polish becomes a huge trends and is sported on the claws of all the big fashion bloggers, models and the rest of them. And at the moment, that shade seems to be white! White is a pretty hard colour to wear on the nails, it's pretty stark, bold and out there and a good white nail polish which doesn't need a million coats for an opaque finish is like gold dust. So, today I have found three polishes from my stash which are almost white but not quite as stark as sporting white nails!
I think of MUA's Lush Lilac as a white nail polish with a couple of dots of red thrown in to give it that white with a hint of pink colour. Lush Lilac from MUA is a very pale pink colour which is opaque in only two coats and adds a more girly twist on white nails.
Barry M's Lychee is another quite like white colour  but more beige than pink. If you really like nude nails and want to progress to a white this is a good colour for that. Because it's from gelly range from Barry M range, it also has a lovely glossy finish and lasts well.
My final colour is another from MUA. It's similar to pistachio ice cream in that it's like having white nail polish with a few dots of another colour swirled in but this time, the colour mixed into Pistachio Ice cream is a mint green colour. This nail polish is very similar to the ever popular Essie's mint candy apple and it's just £1.
I hope you enjoyed this post and it's been helpful for you to find a new shade of nail polish!
Do you like the white nail trend?
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  1. Love Lychee, its my favourite nude! x