Friday, 30 August 2013

Online Makeup Bargains!

I Has anybody else noticed this but Boots and Superdrug have really been stepping up their prices in the last few years and drugstore brands like Rimmel, Maybelline and Revlon are now pretty pricey! I remember a few years ago, you could probably get a full  face of makeup from drugstore brands in Boots for about £25 but now, a mascara is almost £10 alone, crazy! So when you find some of Boots offerings on the internet for half the price, it's pretty exciting! Today I have compiled for you some of the amazing reductions you can get on drugstore makeup by buying online!
Revlon Colourstay Foundation - Boots Price: £12.49 Online here for: £6.99
Revlon is definitely at the higher end of the drugstore with the cheapest item being more than £5 and the colour stay foundation is no exception! This foundation has been really hyped up in the blogosphere with lots of really good reviews which as usual put this on my wishlist but at £12 I was a bit put off! So when I saw this on Fragrance Direct for much less I decided to order it on their instead! But before I randomly guessed at the shade that I might be in this foundation, I went into Boots and swatched the foundation to get the colour match, noted down the name and then ordered it on their with a considerable saving. If this is your holy grail foundation and you usually buy it in Boots, then I would definitely recommend having a look on Fragrance direct before you repurchase.
Essie Nail Polish - Boots Price: £7.99 Online here for: £1.99
Another Fragrance Direct bargain that most of you will probably already know about it but if you didn't, Fragrance Direct sell Essie for £1.99, a bargain compared to the Boots price. Although, Fragrance Direct (FD) don't stock every single shade, they do often add more shades so if you are interested, I would favourite the FD page and keep a check for a shade you like!

OPI Nail Lacquer: £11 Online here for: £3.75
Yet more bargains from FD, this time from OPI. FD stock loads of different shades of the polishes which are popular with the You Tubers from across the pond! My 2 favourite shades would have to be elephantastic which is a coral colour and ladies and magenta which is a bright pink shade!

Real Techniques Core and Eye Collection: Boots Price: £20.99 Online here and here for: £16.49
If your after either the core or eye kits from Youtuber Samantha Chapman's brush range, Real Techniques, I'd definitely recommend checking the price on amazon before you buy your set in Boots as you can save about £4 by buying on Amazon and the brushes have free delivery as well! I bought my Core Collection from Amazon and use the brushes nearly everyday so if your after some new brushes, the RT ones are definitely worth a look!

Bourjouis Bronzing Primer: Boots Price: £9.99 Online here for: £6.66
I have seen this little primer on lots of blogs over the past few months with almost all positive reviews so I popped it onto my list to buy in Boots only to find it's almost £10!? I think that's pretty pricey for the drugstore so if you were going to buy this but like me were put off buy the price, have a look on amazon instead! They also seem to stock on amazon a couple more bronzing products from Bourjouis so do take a look on Amazon before you buy in Boots!

What bargains have you found online?

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