Monday, 12 August 2013

Sunday Evening Pamper Routine!

Sunday evenings are one part of the weekend I really look forward to because for me Sunday evening means pamper time! After a long week, I love to have a warm bath, listen to music and pamper myself with lots of beauty products! So today's post is all about the products that I use for my pamper session, enjoy!

Before I get into the bath, I light a candle. This week's candle of choice is the Tindra candle from Ikea which has a really lovely vanilla scent. I pop my candle by the bath tub and then start to run the bath. After the bath is filled up, I mix in a potion of smelly bath time treats! First, I squeeze in some of Soap and Glory's Calm one bubble bath and swirl it around. Then I pop in a bath bomb from the Bomb cosmetics which smells amazing and looks so cute! I then pop on some music, beautiful by Mariah Carey does the trick! About 5 minutes pre bath, I slather on the deep cleansing mask from Simple and then rinse it off in the bath. 

First things first, shampoo. I used the Vo5 nourish me truly one and then rinsed it off. Then I just popped some of the Herbal Essences beautiful ends on the ends of my hair and left that on for about 15 minutes. 
Then I scoop out some exfoliator and exfoliate my legs and arms. I used Soap and Glory's flake away which does the job nicely. I then washed it off and lathered up some calm one bubble bath from S&G which can be used as a bubble bath and a body wash. I pop a cap of that all over and then I rinse it off.
After that's done, I rinse the deep conditioner out of my hair, pop a towel around my hair and get out of the bath. Once I'm out of the bath, intake my hair down, and put some berutti oil from DGJ on the ends of my hair. Then it's moisturising time,the righteous butter from S&G ( surprise surprise!) works a treat and feels really luxurious! I always moisturise my face as well using Superdrug's vitamin e moisturiser. Whilst my hair dries, it's time to do my nails. I start by pushing back my cuticles with these cuticle sticks from Boots as your cuticles soften up from the bath. Then I use this four way block from boots to file my nails keep them in good condition. Then it's time for a new coat of paint on my nails. This week I chose Grand Central Station from NYC which is a really pretty red colour.

So that's my Sunday evening ritual! I really enjoy this pamper session as I find it really relaxing!

What do you do to relax at the weekend?

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  1. Calm One Calm All is my favourite bath stuff! So soothing. Nothing beats an evening pamper really! :)
    Carrie:Brighton xx

    1. I love the smell of it! I agree there! :) x

  2. I really liked this post! Maybe have a look at my blog? x