Friday, 9 August 2013

Superdrug Coconut Oil - Review

Sorry for my recent absence on my blog everyone, I completely forgot to blog (I may have been playing on the Sims instead..) Anyway today I have a review of the much hyped up coconut oil from Superdrug. Unlike lots of bloggers, I didn't buy this for the coconut scent which I don't really like and the idea of coconut oil did put me off for a while but as I read so many rave reviews of this, I just had to give it a go!
Superdrug's Coconut Oil is housed in practical but not so pretty packaging which for the small price doesn't bother me! The oil has a pretty strong coconut scent which I'm not coconuts (yes, that pun was intended!)  for but I know others are. If you really don't like the scent, it doesn't stick around for too long so don't let that put you off. The formula for this is really strange. Basically in the tub it's completely solid and if it has been left in a cold place, it's a struggle to get the product out so before you use this, pop it on a window still for a little while to make it a little easier to get off. So when you get it out, it's a solid white formula which when you rub between your fingers turns into an oil which is really cool. As this product has so many different uses, I have reviewed it for those different uses as a: leave in conditioner and a deep conditioner. I have seen a couple of bloggers use this as a cleansing oil which I haven't tried yet but I will try it soon.
As a deep conditioner, I really like this. I apply the oil all over my hair and slap on loads and loads and leave it on over night. Then in the morning I have a shower to get it out. I have to do 2 shampoos to get the oil out and no conditioner. After doing this, my hair looks really shiny and feels really soft. This would make for a really nice deep conditioner if you were having a pamper evening, lather it on and pop your hair in a bun and relax! 
As a leave in conditioner, this is also really nice. I rub a small amount into my fingers and then pop it on the ends of freshly washed wet hair. It's really similar to the Berutti Oil from DGJ. It's a light weight oil which makes your hail feel softer and healthier.
Overall,  I really like this product and definitely recommend you pick this up especially for using it as a deep conditioner. It's good to keep on stock in case your hair feels really dry and you need some serious moisture! I think this is really nice and for such a cheap product, it really is worth the hype!

Very Cheap
Practical Packaging
Coconut Scent
Makes hair really shiny
Multi - Purpose
Some may not like the scent
Can be slightly messy in your hands
You can purchase this here for £2.29
Beauty and the Budget


  1. I use it as a make up remover too, I know that a lot of people freak at the thought of oil on your face but it takes every scrap of make up off and works like a super moisturising mask too :)

    1. This is exactly what I think but I really do need to try it :) x

  2. Oooo I need to try this! I was looking for a leave in conditioner but if this works well as one I may as well try this!
    Great review!

    1. It's really lovely as a leave in conditioner, thanks! x

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