Saturday, 3 August 2013

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser - Review

Superdrug's hot cloth cleanser has had a lot of hype in the blogosphere as a dupe for the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser which has been on my Wishlist for donkeys years so as my beloved Peaches and Clean from Soap and Glory was coming to it's end, I decided to try this budget cleanser instead of splurging on the Liz Earle and I really really like this!
My first impressions of this product was that the packaging was really lovely and looked so much more expensive than it cost. In the sturdy feeling cardboard box, you get a muslin cloth and a big 200ml bottle of the cleanser. For the large amount of product you get, the muslin cloth included and the nice packaging this is an absolute bargain at just £4.99! On a not so positive not is the scent of this. This smells so much of suncream and I have heard on YouTube and on blogs how much people hate the smell of suncream. The smell doesn't last long thought so if you love this product but hate the smell you should be able to still use it. I don't personally hate the sun cream scent that much but I know for other people, it can be a deal breaker.
The cleanser comes in a squeezy tube which makes it nice an practical as you can squeeze all of it out. The consistency of this cleaner is quite a thick white cream a little like the consistency of a thick moisturiser. This makes the product really nice to massage into the skin although I find I have to squeeze out quite a lot of product to cleanse my entire face. The muslin cloth which is included is nice as well. The texture isn't too soft so when you are polishing away the cleanser, you get some exfoliation going on as well. The cleanser is aimed at normal/dry skin although I think if you have oily skin, this product would not give you any problems.
To use this, I squeeze out a blob of cleanser onto my fingers and then massage it into my face to get all the makeup off. I then run hot water onto the cloth and wipe it all over my face and then finally I splash my face with water and towel dry and I do this every night. Using this product might take you a little longer than say using face wipes or regular cleanser but I find it really relaxing to do in the evening.
So is this product good at removing makeup. Yes, really good, I love it! I find this takes all of my face makeup. Also, I don't find this to irritate my eyes at all so I also use this for removing the bulk of my eye makeup as well which saves a lot of time. I just massage some of the cleanser into my eyes and the makeup just slides off with the hot cloth. If you have a lot of eye makeup thought, you may have to go in with some normal eye makeup remover as well.
After I use this, I find my face feels really soft, moisturised and very clean indeed. and I have also noticed that my skin has been a little clearer since using this and I think this might be down to the hot water usage and how this gets all of your makeup off. 
Overall, I really love this and if I was not a beauty blogger, I would repurchase this over and over again but I like to try new products. I don't really have anything negative to say except perhaps the scent. I am so impressed with this not just because it's so cheap but as a cleanser overall. I would definitely recommend you try this product especially if you have been using a more expensive cleanser and you want to save some money.
 Superdrug also does a naturally radiance hot cloth cleanser and I'd love to try that one and see which is best. Also, I will be doing a comparison between this and S&G's Peaches and Clean so watch out for that.
Really good packaging
Comes with a muslin cloth
Really effective cleanser
Works well on eye makeup
Doesn't irritate eyes
Makes skin feel softer and moisturised
Really cheap
Helped control blemishes
Sun cream scent
You can purchase this here for £4.99
Beauty and the Budget

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