Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Favourites!

Hello everyone! It's that time again, the end of August! This month, I have been on summer holiday and I have been on holiday to France which was really fun! I have found some products that I really like this month and some products that I use everyday but never really realised how good they were! This month I have decided to include a favourite blog and YT channel of the month as well which I will try and do every month!
This past month, I have not worn any foundation at all. Instead I have been reaching for my cover stick from Maybelline and my pointed foundation brush from Real Techniques everyday! Instead of using foundation all over my face, I have juts been spreading some concealer over my blemishes and then blending it out with the RT brush and I have been loving it! For a long time, I didn't like the cover stick from Maybelline but I used it again at the start of the month and have been using it ever since, it covers really well, doesn't break me out and lasts almost all day. Similarly with the RT foundation brush, that was one brush I didn't use from the core collection but when I rediscovered the concealer, I tried out all of my brushes to see which one was best to blend out the concealer and I found this one to be the best. These two beauties make for a lovely combination! I reviewed the cover stick from Maybelline before with a rather negative tone but I may just have to re review that product with my hypocrite hat on!
I have been using the Herbal Essences deep conditioner for a couple of months now and have liked it but not loved it. But then I used it again yesterday after shampooing and when my hair was dry, it felt so soft and smooth so I was really impressed with that! I don't think I gave this product enough praise, it really is nice for a £2 product!
MUA's Nail Polish in Lush Lilac has been my go to nail polish for the past month, it has been on my nails almost everyday! I love the colour, it's a very pale baby pink colour and looks really pretty on the nails. The MUA nail polishes were another range I reviewed as mediocre but I am starting to really like them although the formula isn't spectacular!
Another product from MUA which I have loved is the Power Pout in Crazy In love which is a deep red colour. It leaves a really nice stain on the lips after the gloss has worn away. This is a really nice lip product to keep in your bag if you want to brighten up your make up a bit for the evening!
My final favourite comes in  the form of elf's cream eye liner. I used this eye liner in a 60's look I created a couple of days ago and it worked really well. The formula is really pigmented, it glides onto they eye smoothly and lasts all day, what more could you want!

My favourite blog of this month has been A Beauty Romancee. Millie's pictures are really lovely and clear and I love her OOTD's and reviews of different products. I'd definitely recommend checking out Millie's review of the Maybelline Stay with me Coral Lipstick which looks like such a pretty colour!

My Favourite Youtuber of the month has been Laura Loves Beauty X. I really enjoy watching her videos and have got some recommendations for some really good products from watching her videos. I'd definitely recommend watching Laura's videos especially the Lipstick tag which is a great video to pick up some good recommendations for lipsticks!
I hope you had a good August and enjoyed the hot weather!
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