Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back To School Make Up Staples!

So for a large proportion of the population, it's that time again, back to school! Late nights and lie ins have come to their end and it's time to prepare your pens and pencils and crack out the alarm clock once again! When I go to school, I like to wear really natural make up just to cover up blemishes n' bags and feel a bit more presentable so today, I thought I would share what I would consider to be staples in your school make up library! Whether your going back to school or back to work or just after some inexpensive makeup for a natural look, I hope this post helps you to get ready!
I try to avoid wearing a full on foundation to school everyday so instead opt for bb creams. MUA's BB cream will even out your skin tone but still look really natural and also it's not too harsh on the old purse either! I like to apply one pump of this all over my skin using my fingers to save time.
Next step for me is concealing, collection's lasting perfection concealer does the job nicely for concealing pesky blemishes and under eye circles (from the early mornings!) I just dab a little onto my blemishes and under eye area and then blend out with my finger. The Collection Concealer is a great affordable product but if you have slightly more to conceal (like me!) then you might prefer the Maybelline coverstick which is better for concealing larger areas especially when used with the Real Techniques foundation brush. So after bb creaming and concealing is done, it's time to powder, step in Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder! This powder is really lovely, it gets rid of shine on the face when you pop some on your t zone with a powder brush without getting cakey and is small enough to pop in your bag to top out throughout the day if you have particularly oily skin although do make sure you close the lid tightly as the lid has a cheeky tendency to fall off..
For me, I wouldn't usually do anything with my brows but if you have brows that do live on the wild side of life, then a clear mascara is a great step to keep those bad boys in place quickly and not have to worry about them during the day and did I mention, MUA's clear mascara which acts perfectly as a brow set is only a pound!
Moving onto eyes, I only really wear a bit of cream eyeshadow all over my lid and a few coats of mascara, really simple. I would definitely recommend the Maybelline colour tattoo cream eye shadows especially the shades On and On Bronze and Pink Gold, two really natural colours which look really pretty on the lids and add a little something something to your eyes with no complex blending involved! Any mascara should work well for school but if you are particularly sport and will be swimming or generally sporting about (I know I wont!) a waterproof mascara might be a good option! The mascara pictured is the colossal volume from Maybelline which works well and isn't too expensive either, any of the Maybelline mascaras should be good!
Lips are the final step in my school time look. I like to apply Vaseline's rosy lips which is a tinted lip balm that smells amazing, moisturises the lips all while leaving a lovely colour as well!
So there are all the products that I would recommend for a very minimal look that you should be able to get away with at school without the teachers noticing! If your school is a little stricter, you could drop the cream eye shadow and use the clear mascara on your lashes as well instead of a black mascara. If you are going back to school, good luck and have a lovely term!
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