Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm - Review

After watching that infamous video on YouTube with skincare god Caroline Hirons and pixiwoo, I really wanted to try a balm cleanser but wasn't prepared to pay £40 for the Emma Hardie one that Caroline mentioned so when I saw that Boots Botanics did a  hot cloth cleansing balm, I had to snap it up! Balm cleansers are basically solid in the tub and then you scoop some out with your fingers and warm it up within your hands and then massage it into your face to remove all your makeup.
The packaging for this cleanser is pretty basic, it comes in a white box with the tub of cleanser and a muslin cloth inside, I like they included a muslin cloth as not everyone will have one at home. The muslin cloth is nice, it's slightly textured so will exfoliate the skin whilst you rinse off the cleanser. I believe that they reformulated this product and the cleanser used to be housed in a rather lovely little clear pot with a swanky looking silver lid which would have been a lot nicer than the boring old white pot you get it in now! The scent of the cleanser is pretty strong, a mature floral scent which I don't particularly love but if you really hate it, it doesn't last for too long (a minute or so) so the scent shouldn't be too much of a problem! The balm is a rather unattractive shade of brown. it's pretty solid when you try to scoop some out but it quickly warms up when you massage it into your face and turns into an oil formula.
I really like how the balm turns into an oil as it makes you really massage the cleanser into your face and take time with your routine. I do find thought that to take all my make up off, using this balm cleanser takes a lot longer than say using my beloved Superdrug hot cloth cream cleanser so if you really don't have time to spend massaging your face, then this may not be for you. Also, I don't find that this balm cleanser is very good at taking off your eye makeup off and I always have to go over with my an eye makeup remover which means again that my skincare routine takes longer if I use this! It's a pretty heavy cleanser so you really do have to use the cloth with this and buff it off or you will be left with an extremely oily face!
I massage this cleanser into my face in the evenings to take off my makeup and I then use a muslin cloth with some warm water poured on top to wipe the cleanser off and finally I splash some cold water onto my face to make sure all of it is gone. After cleansing, this seems to leave a slight oily residue which really moisturises my skin so much hat I could even skip a moisturiser. Although the residue does moisturise my skin, it does make it appear extremely oily, oil slick level so I would not recommend using this as a morning cleanser especially if you have already oily skin.
Having said that, I have found since using this that my skin  has been a lot softer and more hydrated. I don't think thought that this has reduced the amount of break outs that I have had!
Overall, I think this is a nice cleanser. I think if you have dry skin or you have the time to spend really cleansing your face, you would really like this but if you have oily skin or your strapped for time then this probably isn't the cleanser for you! I personally like this but I don't love and it's certainly not a holy grail product and I do prefer my Superdrug hot cloth cleanser but still, it is a nice cleanser, just not fantastic!
Have you tried this cleanser, what did you think?
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