Monday, 16 September 2013

Guest Post: Autumn Fashion Picks!

This week on my blog, I am having a bit of Guest Blogger week so throughout the week, some lovely fellow bloggers shall be sharing a beauty related post with you on my blog! To start the week off, Katie from Curled Fantasies will be showing you her autumn fashion picks! Thank you so much to Katie for agreeing to do a guest post for me and make sure you check out her blog, Curled Fantasies, which is absolutely worth a read!
Hi everyone!
I’m Katie and I blog over at Curled Fantasies
I absolutely love autumn – it’s hands down my all time favourite season! So today I wanted to share some of my autumn fashion picks with you!

  2.   Knitted Shimmer Mesh Cardi, Topshop £38.00
  3.  Knitted Bobble Stitch Jumper, Topshop £36.00
  4. Knitted Ombre Stitch Jumper, Topshop £36.00
  5. Knitted Tulip Stitch Jumper, Topshop £36.00
  6. Knitted Nep Textured Jumper, Topshop £36.00

Okay… So maybe I REALLY like Topshop jumpers… As far as Topshop goes they are my favourite products from there because with knitwear I’ve always had products of the best quality, whereas some other products have been a bit hit or miss in terms of fit or fabric. But you can’t really go wrong with a snuggly jumper for autumn or winter!


  1. Khaki Faux Fur Collar Waxed Jacket, River Island £60.00
  2. Cream Fleck Bobble Hat, New Look £7.99
  3. Colour Block Parka, Miss Selfridge £65.00
  4. Khaki Faux Fur Hood Parka, Miss Selfridge £69.00

Once the colder weather draws in (and with it sadly the rain) coats and the like become really important to me! I suffer from bad circulation from time to time so can feel the cold quite a lot – so there’s nothing better for me than heading out on a crisp cool day all wrapped up in a big parka and hat! I think the Cream Tiger Stripe Bobble Hat is my favourite item from this post today – I might have to head to my local New Look!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my guest post! If you’d like to see more fashion and beauty posts from me then head over to Curled Fantasies to have a nosy at what I’m up to!

And a huge thank you so much to Emily for letting me post on her lovely blog!

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