Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Guest Post: High Street Picks!

Welcome back to Guest Post week on my blog! Today's post comes from Tatyana who blogs over at Tanya Doodle and is a fellow lover of beauty on a budget! Be sure to take a look at Tatyana's blog, I loved reading about Tatyana's recent haul! Over to Tatyana now with her picks from the high street!
Yay! I'm so excited to be doing this post today because I totally love Beauty and the Budget and I'm so grateful for this opportunity! I chose to do this post because I thought it would be really fun to see what some high-street shops have to offer. Some of these maybe a little pricey but if they are too expensive you could use this as a sort-of guide! On the post then...

1)  This bag is, I think perfect for Autumn as its not too dark. It is described as a satchel  and its got lots of pretty studs on it! I also think you could dress it up or dress it down depending on what you're wearing and I think this could stay in your wardrobe as it won't be going out of fashion any time soon!
 I know that these are definitely not for everyone but I was really drawn to them as I think they would add so much drama to a simple outfit. I think they'd look good worn with black so Autumn and Winter would probably be the best time to wear these.
 Not everyone likes wearing their hair in a bun but this is the perfect accessory if you do! Again, it's quite dark and the print is really pretty! It's from Claire's and you can buy it here!
This is a really pretty watch. Enough said. It's a beautiful rose gold and its really chunky plus I think this would go with everything. It's so cute! 

As you might have guessed I am in love with floral print at the moment. This purse quite similar to the headband and its also got a cute button. Also, it's not too big so it would fit in almost any bag.
Once again I'm so so pleased to have had the opportunity to write this post! Bye!


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