Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Guest Post: MUA £1 Lipstick Collection!

The third blogger to guest post in guest week is the lovely Catherine from Miss Happy which is a beauty blog for teens! Catherine reviews lots of different drugstore products and her blog makes for a really good read so make sure you check it out! I was really happy when Catherine said she would be doing an MUA lipstick collection for her guest post as it really reminded me of how good they are (and to remember to review mine as well..) Thank you to Catherine for doing a guest post and enjoy her post!
Hi, I'm Catherine from MissHappy's Beauty Blog: A Beauty Blog Written By A Teenager for Teenagers, and today I'm showing you my MUA lipstick collection!
I absolutely love MUA's lipstick because of their brilliant price of only £1! When I bought my first one I was shocked at how good they were. They are really pigmented and actually last quite long. I have 4 of their £1 lipsticks. The one thing I'm not so keen on in the range is the shades of lipsticks they have; lot of the colours are very very similar and even though there are 16 shades, there are certainly a few lip sticks that have almost identical colours. Overall though the colours, they are beautiful
Normal (LazyLens 20130825 094231 hd)
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Left to Right: Shade 8, Shade 5, Shade 14, Shade 2
The first one I have is Shade 8 which is a red with a slight pink tinge to it as well. I love this colour, it's quite bright but I normally tend to stick to pinks and neutrals. I think that red is a staple lip stick and as long as it works with the outfit you're wearing, it looks amazing. I mainly wear this in autumn and winter because I have a lot of navy clothes in my Winter wardrobe.
Secondly I have shade 5which is an ever so pretty coral colour. I adore coral on my lips and this is by far my favourite MUA lipstick. I feel like coral goes with so many outfits and looks, it's not to bright so you can make it work with almost anything.
What inspired my to get this nude lipstick in Shade 14 (Bare) was a magazine article which claimed  statement eyes  with dressed down lips and vice-a-versa is a perfect look for winter . I also noticed how a surprising new trend for winter is coming back in. The bare / naked look which is a bit odd for winter because it's mainly in hot summer heats that you want to wear minimal make up and look more natural, I normally associate winter with smokey eyes and glitter. I do really like this lipstick, you can tell you're wearing it but it looks quite natural
Finally I bought this purple/ metallic colour the other day seeing as it's the run up to autumn and winter. It's in Shade 2. This lipstick certainly does make your lips shine, I could barely tell that it was a purple lipstick when it was on because it was so shimmery so I'm really not sure yet what I will wear this lipstick with. It is really pretty, it's like a dull purple/ pink that has been brought to life by the sparkles. I think this will work well this winter though
I would highly recommend trying MUA lipstick because of the great price and quality and you can look at their range here

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