Thursday, 19 September 2013

Guest Post: Sally Hansen Nail Polish in So Much Fawn Review

The third guest blogger here on my blog is the lovely Poppy who blogs about all things beauty and fashion related at Real Beauty Blog and she also has a YouTube channel where she makes really cool videos! Make sure you check out her channel and her blog, they're really worth a visit! Thank you very much to Poppy for guest posting on my blog! I will stop rambling now so here is Poppy's review of a Sally Hansen nail polish!
These nail polishes are highly raved throughout the blogospere, in magazines and just as general knowledge really but I have never really tried them out (I know right!). Anyway, the other week I was in Boots (again) and I had been looking for an off pink for a while as it's now Autumn (I think, I know there's like the 21st which is the official date but I have seen leaves changing and winds blowing and for me, it is now Autumn...I digress, I promise I will get to the point in a second) this seemed perfect and although it had a little bit of a hefty price tag for a nail polish but I went crazy so I got it.
The packaging is stylish although a little big, but that means it will last longer...or that's what I think.
I really like the name because it's a little pun and that just makes me chuckle (is that sad?).
Finally on to the actual product. Ok, in short terms I LOVE it! The colour is just what I've wanted, it's feminine without being to girly (does that make sense?) and it lasts a good week or so. The package does say manicure and it really does give that shine and elegance of a beautiful salon trip.
The brush is flat so application is really simple, quick and easy to control. You can also turn it sideways because it's thin at the sides and get those pescy edge.
You only need 2 coats and it's done (sometimes even 1) and the shine stays put.
Overall I love this, it's one of the best nail polishes I have. I may be going back for more but even though it's only £6.99 I think that's a little steep for a nail polish which are usually around £3 or £4 but that may just be me being a cheapskate. If you want to buy from Boots click here

Easy, Quick and Precise Application
Stylish Packaging
Good Shine
Big Packaging - Lasts A Long Time
Lasts On the Nails
Not Many Coats Needed
Fun Name (Is That A Reason To Buy?)

Big Packaging - Takes Up Space
Expensive For A Nail Polish

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