Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation - Review

Max Factor is one of those stands that I really don't visit much in Boots because the prices do tend to be a little steeper than I like but lots of you beauty lovers may be aware that Max Factor is owned by Covergirl who brought out a little while ago their own whipped foundation in a pot like this and all the Youtubers and bloggers from across the pond went crazy for (Dulce Candy, i'm looking at you!) So when I heard that Max Factor were bringing out a whipped crème foundation, I knew I had to try it! Max Factor promises that this whipped foundation will provide a flawless semi-matte coverage which won't cling to dry patches but hydrate instead which is really what every girl wants from their foundation!

The foundation is housed in a glass pot (very similar to the Maybelline colour tattoo's pot) with the name and shade printed on top. I really like this packaging, it feels really good quality, like a high end foundation, love it! Max Factor do say that this foundation is fragrance free but I have to say it does have that classic 'cosmetic smell' which I don't particularly like and it is a little strong but it doesn't last on the skin so don't let that put you off! In terms of shade range, there are six shades to chose from which is good. I have the shade light ivory which is a little light for me but as we are going into Winter, it should match up to my natural skin tone a bit better.

When you swatch the foundation on your hand, it feels beautiful, it's moisturising and feels like air and you can't feel it on the skin at all and it feels just as nice when you are applying the foundation to your face! I find that the best brush to use with this is the stippling brush from MUA, if you do get this foundation, make sure that you pick up that brush as well, they are the perfect combination! So I like to use that brush, lightly sipping it into the product and then stippling it all over the skin to even out and then I apply another layer concentrating on the bad areas of my skin where I have lots of blemishes.

 I find that the coverage of this is medium but very easily buildable and I don't find it cakes up at all! Once I have applied my foundation, I don't need as much concealer because this has layered up so nicely and given me the coverage I need. I didn't find this foundation clung to dry patches or fine lines in my skin so I think if you have dry skin, you might really love this! This foundation is really buildable yet you can't feel it on the skin, it's weightless!

When I was 'researching' the foundation on the internet, I saw that Max Factor claimed that I was a semi-matte finish with a radiant glow and that is exactly what I would describe the finish as, it looks matte but at the same time, there is a lovely glow to the skin so I think this would be good for oily skin as well as dry. I  terms of lasting power, this foundation is really good and you can expect it to stick around for at least 6 hours without a primer.
Overall, I think it's fair to say, I love this foundation, It caters for my combination skin with the semi matte finish as well as not sticking to dry patches either. I am so impressed by this foundation and I would definitely recommend you give this a try whatever your skin type! The only niggle I have with this foundation is the smell but I love how it makes my skin look so I can look past the smell! I would definitely pay the higher price for this foundation and now I have tried this, I really want to try some more cosmetics from Max Factor!
Lovely Packaging
Good shade range
Beautiful Finish
No clinging to dry patches
Lasts really well
Feels so light weight on the skin

Slightly expensive
Smell is a bit strong
Glass pot could crack in travel
You can purchase this here for £9.99
Beauty and the Budget



  1. I haven't seen this before, but you've got me all excited now! Max Factor foundation is the only drugstore brand that doesn't make me look orange, so I can't wait to give this a go x

  2. I love all of your reviews!!:) xx

  3. I have seen this before but haven't tried it. I love me a good whipped crème foundation though! :) Glad I found another Aussie blog to follow! :) Mandy Make Me Up Mandy

  4. I love this foundation too! It is now my favourite! :)