Friday, 13 September 2013

New Beauty Releases!

As Summer waves goodbye and Autumn says hello, lots of makeup brands are starting to bring out their autumn beauty products. So today, I thought I'd share with you some of the new and really exciting releases to the beauty world!
MUA have brought out loads of new products and quite a few matte finish products. The first of the matte bits is this eyeshadow palette which has 10 shimmer less shades. From what I can see in the photos, the colours are the same as in the Undress Me palette that I love from MUA which has been out for a while now only with a matte finish. This does look an interesting palette but I would definitely swatch this first before I buy because in the Undress ME palette, the matte shades are poorly pigmented and not too good so I would check with a swatch first to see if this palette is ok! Another matte product that MUA have brought out are these matte lipsticks. There are five shades to chose from and the colours range from a deep red (Siren Scarlet) to a pretty peach hue (peachy Keen) These lipsticks look really interesting and are only one pound so I will definitely be picking up one (or 5) of these!
Three other new products MUA have released include Prime and Conceal which is a yellow based concealer which is meant to cancel out redness. The Smokin' palette has also just been released. It contains ten jewel toned shades with both matte and shimmery finishes included. From the swatches on the website, these look like really pretty shades and really well pigmented! And finally from MUA are these colour blast eyeshadow tints which are basically dupes for the Clinique chubby eye sticks! For some reason, I don't really warm to these chubby sticks as I think they would crease really badly and not last very well but I will have a swatch of the different shades and see if they look good or not!
The next brand that has been really busy working on new products is Barry M. Barry M also seem to have gone crazy for matte with their new nail paints! There are 5 new matte nail paints to chose from. All the shades are 'coffee colours' so there are light and dark browns and deep reds, lovely autumn colours! Another line of nail paints Barry M are bringing out are the royal glitter polishes which are basically texturized glitter polishes with rather regal names! I think I'm a bit more eager to try the matter polishes than the textured ones as honestly, I'm not a huge fan of the textured finish and I prefer my nails to be smooth rather than bumpy but if you like texture, than you may love those! And the final new polishes that Barry M have created are these crystal top coats which are meant to give a crystal finish, sounds interesting!
Barry M only seem to be known for their nail paints but they do actually have eye shadows, foundations and lots more as well! They seem to be trying to branch out more into their makeup as they have just brought some new eyeshadow palettes which look really lovely! They are bringing out three eyeshadow palettes, natural glow (a nude palette basically Barry M's version of the Naked palette!), the glamour puss palette (jewel toned shimmers) and the smokin' hot palette (colours from white to black) all the palettes look really interesting and I am very keen to get my hands on the natural glow palette!
I'm really excited to try some of these new products and of course, review them on my blog as well!
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