Monday, 21 October 2013

3 eBay Bargains Under £3

When a new trendy makeup or fashion related product comes out, before I pop to the shops and spend far too much money keeping up to date, I always have a search on eBay first for a cheaper alternative! So today, I have three examples of this, three bargainous products which I bought on eBay for less than £3 and I have been extremely impressed with the quality of all of them so I thought I'd share with you my findings and save you some pennies!

The first product that I bought from eBay is this beauty blender dupe (reviewed here) which I bought from a Chinese seller for just £1.25! I really love this sponge for applying liquid foundations, it's shape means that you can blend foundation into every area of your face really easily. The sponge comes in three different bright colours, orange, blue and rose. I really like the airbrushed foundation finish which this sponge gives and I would definitely recommend you pick up this bargain from eBay. When I saw that the seller of the sponge was from China, I though I would have to wait ages to get my sponge but it only took 2 or 3 days to come which I was extremely impressed with!
The second bargain that I have found on eBay recently is this pack of 5 gold coloured midi rings! Recently, the hands of all the big fashion bloggers and models have been ringed up to the full with rings of all shapes and sizes. So I really wanted to try the trend for myself and hop footed down to Topshop to see if I could find some in the jewellery stand. Topshop did have a pack of these midi rings but they were about 5 or 6 pounds, crazy I know! So of course I had a look on eBay after having such a positive experience with buying the beauty blender. The rings took about 5 or 6 days to come which was good and they were also of a good quality as well. I love wearing these rings, you can mix up how many rings you pop on each finger and create a really cool look! So if you were thinking about buying some of these rings from Topshop then definitely save your self some money and go for these on eBay!
So the final eBay bargain that I have I saw on Fee from MakeupSavvy's blog (a firm favourite!) and just had to get it! You will all have heard of the infamous clear makeup storage that every keen eyed beauty lover will have seen in Kim Kardashian's bathroom in an episode of KUWTK. And since then, every beauty lover has been rading I kea and Muji trying to find a dupe to keep their stash in! Well, Fee really kindly shared with us this clear plastic lipstick holder which is very Kardashianesque and is available on eBay for just over £2! The clear lipstick holder feels really good quality and fits 24 lipsticks in. I love how this looks on my dressing table and it means that I can clearly see all my lipsticks so it's easier to chose which pout to pop on! The lipstick holder cost me £2.84 which is a great price considering the quality is really nice as well! The seller of this item was also from China and the holder did take a few weeks to grace my front door but for the small price, I don't mind too much!
So there are my 3 fantastic bargains that I have bought from eBay! I have been really impressed with the quality of all three of these items and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for anymore bargains that I can find in the future and I'll be sure to let you guys know as well!
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  1. I love this post! Definitely going to look into the beauty blender, such an amazing bargain! Such a great post! :)

    1. Thank you! Definitely have a look at the beauty blender, it's really worth it! x