Friday, 25 October 2013

All Things Pink to support Breast Cancer!

It's the 25th October which means it's Wear it Pink Day! Wear it Pink is a campaign by Breast Cancer Research to raise money to hopefully find a cure for breast cancer and beat the disease! This is such a great cause because so many people are affected by cancer and it can really devastate lives. So to celebrate wear it pink day in a typical beauty blogger way, I have gathered up lots of pink products to share with you, enjoy!
So let's start with a bit of nail polish! One of my favourite shades of pink to wear on my nails is Feeling Good by Sinful Colours. This shade is a really bright, hot pink colour which really makes my nails pops and brightens up any outfit you wear!
I have three lip choices to show you. The first is MUA's lipstick in shade 2 which is a very bright fuchsia pink shade. This lipstick only costs £1 from MUA and is really good quality, it glides onto the lips really smoothly and leaves a really nice creamy finish all whilst lasting about 2 or 3 hours, very good for just 100 pennies! The second lipstick also comes from MUA and is in the form of a crayon. it's from the Power Pout line by MUA in the shade Irreplaceable which is a really nice baby pink colour so it's a great option if you want to wear pink lips but don't quite have the confidence to wear a bright fuchsia colour! I really like the formula of this as well, it's really creamy and lasts well and because it's in a crayon form it means touch ups are easy and can be done without a mirror. Guess where the final lip product comes from, yep, it's MUA again! and this time, it's a tinted lip balm in the shade sweet kiss which again is a baby pink colour which provides just a pink tint to the lips but a lot of moisture as well!
When I wear blush, I always seem to reach for this one from MUA called Bubblegum. Now this is a pretty bright fuchsia toned blush so you do need to have quite a light hand with this unless your going for an embarrassed puppet look which I'm quite certain your not! This is a lovely blush, it's well pigmented and lasts well too and it's only a pound as well!
If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I'm a big fan of Maybelline's colour tattoo's and this one in the shade pink gold is no exception, I wear this almost everyday! This is a beautiful metallic pink cream shadow with gold glitter running through it. it adds just a bit of sparkle to the eyes and makes it look as if you put a lot of effort into your eye makeup, cheat's way out!
I really like all these products that I mentioned! So today, why not add a bit of pink to your face with one of these lovely rosy products and enjoy Wear it Pink day!
You can donate to the Breast Cancer Campaign via the link here!
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  1. You really like MUA don't you! great post for a great cause x

    1. Yes Haha! Every time I write a post, something from MUA just pops in somehow! x