Friday, 11 October 2013

All Used Up #7

It seemed like only a few months ago that I was writing out my first empties post but hear I am, almost a year on bringing you my 7th collection of empties, how time flies! I seem to be coming to the end of a lot of my products at the moment so there are rather a lot of products to get through in this post, let's begin with hair care shall we!

I think in every single empties post I have ever done, Alberto Balsalm has always had a mention and this time is no exception. I have used up the juicy green apple shampoo and conditioner, they're not anything special but they do the job of cleaning and smoothing out my hair so if you are after a good shampoo and conditioner but don't want to spend a lot then this combo should do the trick. I want to try some different shampoos and conditioners to see if they do anything special so I won't repurchase these but if I wasn't trying new products, then I would happily stick to these two so yes, I would repurchase.

Another shampoo I have used up is from the VO5 nourish me truly range. This was nice but again not really anything special, it did the job but it didn't do any more than my trusty Alberto Balsalm shampoo does, and it's slightly more expensive so I wouldn't repurchase this!
The last hair care item is this Herbal Essences deep conditioning mask. Recently, I have been using this as my everyday conditioner and it worked really nicely and didn't overload my hair. I really liked this conditioner and it made my hair feel seriously smooth so I'd love to have this again!

I have also used up two nail care items.  The first being the Superdrug polish remover which I quite like. It removes polish well but you do have to use one pump (would you say?)per nail so you do use it up quite quickly but it's nice and cheap so that doesn't matter too much. I will repurchase this. And I've been using the Boots Cotton wool pads to remove nail polish and eye make up and I really like them. I used to buy the Primark ones for £1 but they weren't very good and used to break up as you were using them so after having to remove cotton wool from my eyes one too many times, I decided to buy these instead. They may be 20p more but I am willing to pay that! I have already repurchased a pack of these.

Moving onto skincare, I have used up my Boots Botanics cleansing Balm which I bought only a few weeks ago. I was so surprised because I used this up so quickly because you have to use quite a lot of product to get your makeup off. As I said in my review (which you can find here) of this balm, I don't really like it that much, it takes quite a while to remove all my make up and I much prefer using my Superdrug hot cloth cleanser so I wouldn't purchase this again and unless you have dry skin and you like to take time massaging in your cleanser, I wouldn't recommend this either.

I have tried another Montagne Jeunesse mask, this time I tried the chocolate mud pie mask and I'm not really a huge fan of it. I didn't really find it did anything for my skin. A quick tip though about Montagne Jeunesse masks is to depot them into a little container out of the sachet when you first get them. That way, you will get two or three uses out of each sachet instead of just one, I actually got 3 or 4 uses out of this mask as it's pretty thick in formula so you only have to use a little bit!

My final two empties don't really fall into categories so I thought I'd just pop them in together by themselves. The first is the Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation which I used up ages ago and it ahs been sitting in my make up draw waiting for the next empties post. Unlike most other bloggers, I liked this foundation, it gave a light to medium coverage with a matte finish. I don't think I'd repurchase it thought mainly because I'm loving the Max Factor Whipped crème foundation and the lasting power for this wasn't too good.
And finally we have the Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath from Soap and Glory. I got this ages ago as a gift and I have only just come to the end of it. I thought for a long time that this was a shower gel until I read the label and realised.. This bubble bath has the signature S&G scent which I love but I can't really find anything else I like about this. when I pour this into my bath, I get a measly gathering of bubbles and I don't find this does anything for my skin either. I think this is the first S&G product which I have not fallen in love with, I won't be repurchasing this as it doesn't really do anything.
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  1. great job on empties! You just reminded me that I need a new bottle of polish remover :)