Sunday, 27 October 2013

Maybelline, Superdrug, Accesorize, Claire's and MUA Haul!

So yes, I went shopping again and bought a bit too much, nothing too shocking really! I have had a few of these things on my Wishlist for quite a long time so it was nice to finally have them in my possession!
So I got two pieces of jewellery when I went shopping, one was from Claire's and the other from Accessorize, two shops which I don't often shop in but I really like what I got from there. From, Claire's I got this really nice silver ring which has a turquoise stone in. I have been looking for a ring like this for ages and I was really surprised to find it in Claire's!  The ring matches the necklace that I got from Claire's, I was going to get the matching ring from Accessorize but it was £12, £2 more than the necklace so I just got this cheaper one from Claire's instead and I really like it although it does turn my finger green a bit! And the necklace that I got from Accessorize is a silver chain with a turquoise circle. I really love how it looks and it's sterling silver so it should last well as I plan to wear it everyday. (If I remember!)
You may remember when Maybelline's Baby Lips launched in the UK, I wasn't that excited and branded them as "A severely hyped up lip balm." Well, the next two purchases are rather hypocritical, two baby lips so I have three now and am rather considering buying the rest of the collection, I think I need help... I bought one a few weeks ago in the shade Cherry Me and it looked lonely sitting in my lipstick holder so I bought it some friends (I repeat, I think I need help..) in the form of Pink Punch which is a really nice pink colour and another one which has no colour called hydrate (catchy..)
Cleanser was actually the one thing that I needed to stock up in. I have finishes the Boots Botanics cleansing balm which was ok and I'm running dangerously close to the end of my beloved Superdrug hot cloth Cleanser. Superdrug also do another cleanser which seems really similar to the one that I love from the Vitamin E range and this one is from the Naturally Radiant range so I have high hopes for that as they seem really similar. I will be doing a review and a comparison post once I have been using it for a while.
Since going back to school, it means that games has started again and straight after games, I have to run to my next lesson all sweaty and shiny, yuck. So to combat this problem instead of bringing powder and a brush to school, I decided to buy these oil absorbing sheets from Superdrug. They are really small and packed into a neat little book so they can easily be popped into my pocket so I can freshen up after games.
Another problem that I have had with my school makeup has been my foundation wearing off. I use my beloved Max Factor Whipped Crème foundation everyday but it doesn't quite last all day so I bought this Pro-Base Mixing Fixing Mist to try and keep my makeup on all day. Drugstores really do lack in setting sprays, I only had two choices between this one from MUA and the setting spray from Collection so I'm hoping I made the right choice!
So that is everything that I bought. By the time this post has gone up thought I may have another haul for you because I'm going to London and you can't not buy anything in London now, can you so you can expect to see that soon!
What have you bought recently?
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