Thursday, 31 October 2013

MUA Make Up Brushes - Review

Many of you nay not know this but MUA have their own brush range which is exclusively sold on their website so you can't pick them up in Superdrug stores which is a really big shame because I love these brushes! I bought six of them ages ago and they have made their way into my everyday brush collection.

All the brushes come in plastic packaging which helps to keep their shape. On the back, MUA gives a description of how the brush is used which is really helpful. The brushes have black, plastic handles with the MUA logo and the name of the brush (F for face and E for Eyes) The hairs on the brush are black and really soft meaning they feel really nice on the skin. I have been using and washing all these brushes for about a year now and they wash so well, I haven't found there's been any shedding at all which is really good seeing as these are really affordable brushes. I really like these brushes and I think they look very sleek and more expensive than they really are!
The F2 Foundation and Blending Brush has a flat top with hairs that transition from black at the bottom to white at the top. I use this brush for applying my Max Factor whipped crème foundation and other liquid or mousse formulas as well. The brush is really soft but isn't particularly dense so you do have to take a little more time blending your foundation out but it gives such a nice air brushed finish that it's definitely worth the extra time. This brush also works really nicely for applying powder without looking cakey. I really like this brush and would definitely recommend you give it a try.
The second face brush that I have is the F1 foundation brush which is the brush that I use the least often because I don't particularly like this type of flat foundation brush but if you do like these types of brushes then this one from MUA is really nice. It has black hairs and feels quite synthetic but I find with all these brushes they just move the foundation instead of blending it into the skin.
the first eye brush that I have is the E1 Eyeshadow Brush. This brush is flat and round so is really good to pack colour onto the lid especially a loose shadow or pigment. This isn't my most used brush from my MUA collection but I do really like it if I want to do a more complex eye shadow look and need to pack a first colour on.
The E2 Eyeshadow Contour brush is a flat top, angled fluffy brush which is the perfect shape for contouring with eyeshadow or contouring the nose with bronzer. I personally use this for blending the colour tattoo's from Maybelline into the crease after using my finger to apply them. Again, this isn't my most used brush but it's really nice to have especially if you wear eyeshadow a lot and it's good to have a separate brush for contouring the eye so that your shadows blend well.
The next brush is my most used from all the eye brushes. it's the E3 Blending Eyeshadow brush. I love this brush and it's a complete staple in my makeup bag! It's really soft, such good quality and has a tapered fluffy shape which makes it perfect for contouring the eye as well as just applying one colour all over the eye lid for an easy eyeshadow look. This brush is very similar to the infamous 217 from MAC and from what I can see both brushes are identical in shape so if you are on a budget, definitely try this one first instead of splashing out on the MAC alternative. I really love this brush and I use it almost everyday, I really need to get another one!
The final brush that I have to share is the E7 brow brush. It is a small angled brush which is nice and stiff meaning you can apply brow powder and eyeliner with lots of precision. The shape makes it easier to do liquid eyeliner. If you are looking for an angled liner brush, then I would definitely recommend this one!
So from the brushes that I have, I would recommend that you try the F2 brush for foundation and definitely the E3 for eyeshadow and E7 for eyeliner and brows! These brushes are perfect if your on a budget as they are really nice quality!
Have you tried these, what did you think?
You can purchase these brushes here
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  1. Thanks for reviewing these! I've been contemplating buying these for a while, but wasn't so sure if the price would mean cheap quality, I guess not though now after this haha :-)

    Meg ♡

    1. That's ok! At first, I thought they wouldn't be too great for the price but they are nice! x

  2. I was going to buy these,but then I decided to order a 31piece set off ebay..wish i'd of got these now they look really good quality! I haven't got my order get but I may have to make a cheeky MUA purchase for these.

    Please check out my blog, I love yours

    1. Hopefully your other brushes will be good as well!

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