Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish Range - Review

I'm not quite sure how long Rimmel has been doing this 60 second nail polish line but I think it is quite a long time so much so that this has become a classic drugstore item and for many people who want a new hue of polish, the first place to look! I have 5 nail polishes from the 60 second range and I really do love them, the formula is excellent!
The packaging for the range is nice, it's nothing special but it does the job. Each polish is housed in a glass bottle with a black lid which unscrews to reveal the fabulous brush which makes painting your nails so much easier, you can cover the entire nail in just one swipe and really helps to get a neat finish. The shade range for this line is really extensive and there is always a colour that catches my eye when I walk past the Rimmel stand in Boots (and the polish always seems to fall into my basket as well, strange!) The colour range goes from pastels to metallic to pearlescent finishes and everything in between. All the shades are named really humorously as well and provide me with a little giggle!
The formula for these polishes is really lovely. Most of the shades are opaque in two coats, some only need one like blue eyed girl! They dry really quickly, perhaps not in 60 seconds but 2 minutes and you're good to go! I also find that these last really well with about 3 or even 4 days wear time.
The shades that I have are:
Blue Eyed Girl: An extremely pigmented bright blue colour that will definitely attract attention!
Instyle coral: A beautiful coral shade that is in the running for my all time favourite nail shade..
Green with Envy:  A dark forest green with a hint of blue duo chrome shade with a metallic finish
Wishing on a Star: This is a really similar shade to Instyle Coral except it has a shimmery finish and is very slightly darker
Etheral: A pearl shade with a hint of purple in the light
Overall, I really love this nail polish range and I would even go as far as to say these are some of the best nail polishes that the drugstore has to offer!
Have you tried these, what did you think?
You can purchase these here for £3.69 each
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  1. Etheral looks gorgeous x


  2. Me and my sister have been using these 60 Second polishes for years! They're great and so affordable as well. Superdrug and/or Boots have always got great deal on. I love the brush, it's probably one of the best nail polish brushes I've used. And I've used a lot. x

    Lilie | mintcandylilies

    1. Yes! If I ever want a new shade of nail polish, I always try their stand first! x

  3. I have about six of these nail polishes and I love them, although that don't last too long on me - although nothing does! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. I definitely want to get some more shades! x