Sunday, 13 October 2013

What's On My Wishlist? #5

I have actually been quite good recently and haven't spent too much money but that doesn't mean I haven't been building a mental Wishlist! By the time you read this, I may have got my first job. In that case, you will be seeing a haul with all these items included (and probably more!)
I have absolutely been loving the whole kimono jacket trend with black skinny jeans so I'm desperate to get my hands on this kimono from River Island! It's black with red and pink Japanese style flowers which I love but I think the opinion will be divided on this one though..
I have been loving wearing jewellery recently and have been on a search to find a ring and necklace with a turquoise stone. So when I saw Khila (miss budget beauty) haul these two beauties from accessorize I knew I had to have them even if they are a bit pricey! It's just the ring pictured above because I couldn't find a big enough picture of the necklace to fit.
As much as I love (and rave about) the Max Factor whipped crème foundation, I do find that by the end of the school day, the coverage does wear off slightly and my blemishes start to show through. So I really want to try this setting spray from MUA just to get a few more hours of coverage from my foundation!
Talking about foundation, I'm after the Bourjois healthy mix one! I know, I know I've been raving about the Max Factor one but a girl can never have too many foundations right! And I really want to see whether this is as good as it is said to be, it's one seriously hyped up product!
I have been really liking the Collection Lasting perfection concealer on my blemishes recently but I like to try new things. So I really want to try 17's new on the spot concealer, I have the foundation which I'm not a fan of but I have heard good things about the concealer and I need a heavy coverage concealer which this promises.
The final product on my Wishlist is the Max Factor eye brightening mascara. After falling with that foundation that I will not mention for the third time, I really want to try some more products from Max factor and this mascara really intrigues me plus who doesn't want bright eyes?!
What have you been after recently?
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  1. Wonderful products you've got there! I have the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and it's beautiful. I have been seeing the kimono jacket trend go around too; I think it's so stylish! I'm not sure if I can pull it off though! :) Mandy @

    1. Thank you! I need to get the Bourjois foundation, it's like the most hyped out foundation ever! x