Saturday, 16 November 2013

Drugstore Skincare You Must Try

If I was given the choice of using either high end makeup or high end skincare for the rest of my life, I would definitely pick the latter because you only get one face so id prefer to spend my pennies really looking after it. However, a lack of bulge in my bank balance still leaves me prowling the skincare aisle in boots searching for a good bargain. So for everybody else out there who has to read the price tag when it comes to skincare, I have chosen five affordable products which every  budget beauty obsessive must have in their skincare arsenal!
My first selection comes from the brand, Simple. A big name in the skincare isle with an even bigger selection of products. One of their products that has really stood out to me has been the deep cleansing face mask. The mask has a thick creamy consistency which after a five minute wait leaves my skin feeling super soft and much calmer as well. This mask is really nice to smooth on in the bath if your having a bad skin day, it really helps to calm any break outs or redness down and soothe the skin.
From what I have heard on all the big beauty blogs, bioderma really is the best makeup remover but, paying for a bottle to be sent all the way from France is just a tad over the top. For a more down to earth eye makeup remover, try the l'oreal micellar water which shouldn't require any channel hopping to get your hands on either! This solution takes off most of my eye makeup with no scrubbing or stinging or great effort involved!
From time to time, it's really nice to give your skin a good scrub and get rid of all the crap lurking about. Step in, biore pore unclogging scrub. The blue beaded cream formula ensures that the skin is nicely exfoliated and soft  without that dry, tight feeling that you often get with a scrubby formula.
An unexpected drugstore gem for me comes in the form of the vitamin e range from Superdrug.  Two of my drugstore gems come from the range, the first being the hot cloth cleanser. I love this cleanser, it takes every scrap off my makeup in a flash with not much effort required at all. The formula also leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished at the same time.
The second product is the intense moisturiser which comes from the same Superdrug line. This tub of loveliness provides the skin with an intense slathering of moisture which keeps the skin really soft without causing any breakouts. The thick formula means this can be used as a rich night cream for the oily gals whilst the dry skin gals can be using this as their everyday moisturising cream, it works really well under makeup!
I hope you enjoyed my run down of the great and good of the drugstore skincare world and that you have found a product which you will love a lot for less!

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  1. Love the L'Oreal Micellar Water and the Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask x

    1. They are both really lovely, I need to repurchase both of them soon! x

  2. Great products here love vitamin E range my mum always uses it and I borrow ;) x
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    1. Thanks! It really is a lovely range, I need to try more from them, I hear there body butter is very nice! x

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