Thursday, 28 November 2013

Duty Free Wishlist!

So on the 15th December, I am going to be taking the 24 hour flight all the way around the world to New Zealand for Christmas! The reason for this is my brother has gone for a gap year there and you don't often get the excuse to go to NZ so my family and myself are lucky enough to be taking up on this opportunity! And of course, you can't be a dedicated beauty fan and go through an airport without hitting up the discounted duty free make up stands! Here are my picks to pick up for my pre-flight spree..

Concealer for me is an everyday essential so if I can find a concealer that covers up blemishes really well and lasts all day, then I don't mind paying a bit more for it. One concealer that I think is a possible contender for this position is the Select Cover Up from MAC which I have heard some good things about so I shall definitely be trying this out whilst waiting for my flight. Whilst still in MAC, I will also be having a good try of the Crème Cup lipstick. For me, I like a really natural lip colour so crème cup looks a really nice colour for this. It's a soft baby pink shade that gives the lips a 'well looked after' appearance whilst not being too head turning either!

Now every dedicated beauty addict will know that the 3rd palette in the Naked line from Urban decay has just been released on their website! a naked palette has always been on my Wishlist to treat my self with however I just can't bear handing over £32 to buy the palette when I think I could buy 8 of the MUA palettes which are lovely as well. But the promise of 12 new rose toned neutral shades just may grab the money from my hands or perhaps Father Christmas's hands instead.. 

Every time, I go to watch a You tube video, the advert for the La Roche Posay Effaclar duo keeps on popping up with all the big beauty bloggers saying how much they love this stuff, that advert is just too effective and the effaclar duo is another product that I want to add to my airport Wishlist. This stuff is meant to really help clearing breakouts which is just what I need for my skin at the moment!

Carrying on with the whole skincare theme of my airport picks, I really want to make the most of the duty free shopping in Boots as well and get the Dr Spot breakout clearing gel from Soap and Glory. I haven't actually done any reading up about this product but after having a positive experience with the Peaches and Clean also from S and G, I think this might work well and help to calm my skin. The final product on my Wishlist is also from S&G and it's their Off Your Face face wipes. Now I know that in using these wipes, I would get dirty looks from any big skincare bloggers (*cough, cough* Caroline Hirons) but when my face is starting to fall off after being on a plane all day, I shall not really care what anybody says. I want to get these so that I can remove my makeup before the flight starts and then during the flight, I'll refresh my face with these as well and hopefully they should really help to keep my skin feeling good as well.


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