Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Essie Nail Polish Collection

The white tops and engraved bottles of the Essie polishes are synonymous with all the big beauty bloggers especially since Boots started to stuck the cute little bottles. Now for those of you like me who don't fancy spending £7.99 a bottle, there are many websites and shops where you can find Essie polishes for a lot less! Three of the polishes from my collection are from Xtra's which I bought for just £1.99. I just had a look on the website though and they seem to be out of stock at the moment but another website which always has a good supply is Fragrance Direct. and the other three polishes in my collection were given to me by one of my friends (thank you!) and she informed me that TK Maxx also do discounted Essie polish as well!

So the shades from Essie that I have are from left to right:

A Crewed Interest - A peachy shade with a cream formula

Muchi Munchi -  A very sheer cream/baby pink shade perfect for a French manicure

Navigate Her - A light bright green grass shade

Good as Gold - Gold Shade with a metallic finish

Power Clutch - A dark grey green shade

Head Mistress - A bold deep red shade perfect for Christmas

Beauty and the Budget

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