Sunday, 24 November 2013

Most Worn Nail Picks!

When I'm planning on having a fresh lick of paint on my nails, I run up the stairs to my nail basket and try to pick up the wildest shade of polish I can find, perhaps a mustard yellow or even a neon green. But then, I always seem to put that wacky shade back in the pile and resort to my usual, safe hues of coral and pink. These 6 well loved polishes spend a long time on my nails so I thought today I would share them with you!
Coral is literally my favourite nail shade, it looks good with every skin tone and is very pretty and girly as well! In Style coral from the Rimmel 60 Second Range is a really pretty pink toned polish which I would happily nominate if I could only use one polish for the rest of my life, yes, I really do like it that much! The formula for this is lovely as well, a nice wide brush and a 3 or 4 day wear time paired with a very reasonable price tag makes for a polish that I would definitely recommend! The next polish in the coral line up comes from NYC which you can pick up in Superdrug for very little indeed. spring tulip is another pinky coral shade, slightly brighter than the coral offering from Rimmel so lovely for your pedicure polish as well. The formula of this is slightly thick so does take quite a long time to dry but once it is, it has a lovely glossy finish.  
I'm a big fan of the classic red nails and Times Square from NYC is no exception. This polish is one of the brighter, bolder reds out there and looks very festive so this would be the perfect addition to your nail wardrobe for all those Christmas parties marked in the calendar! Again, the formula of the polish is slightly thicker but it does leave a really nice glossy finish so it's worth the longer drying time!  
Orange is another shade that I love to paint my nails with! And the Satsuma shade that I love to lacquer up my nails with is the Gelly Hi Shine polish from Barry M in the shade papaya! Now if you have been a long term B and the B reader, you will know that I love my Barry M polishes and the gelly hi shine line is no exception, the formula is lovely and they all have such a glossy finish!
MUA's lush lilac is just one of those shades that I always seem to have on my nails! I really love the baby pink colour of this polish and it is the perfect shade to layer with glitter and all manner of sparkly polishes! This polish is a real bargain at one pound, having said that you do slightly have to comprise with the rather lacking wear time of only a couple days. But not to worry, slick a layer of a good quality top coat and you should get a good wear of four or five days instead, problem solved!
My final go to varnish is a slightly strange peach colour from Essie called (runs upstairs to find the name) A crewed interest, nevertheless I really like this shade! I also like the big brush in the bottle which means you can do one nail with only one stroke   
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