Sunday, 15 December 2013

Soap and Glory, Lush, La Roche Posay and Biore Haul!

After supressing myself from wondering through the isles of Boots for a good month or so, last Saturday I cracked and definitely made up for my lack of trips to Boots in one big haul! Then to add insult to injury, I also visited Lush (never a good idea for me..) and made a couple of purchases in there as well. So yes, I went a bit crazy but what are you going to do..

Let's start with Lush shall we.. For the longest time I have been after the bubble gum lip scrub after suffering from dry, cracked lips all winter and I can confirm now that this really does work to remove all the flak dry bits from my lips, I can also confirm that this smells amazing and I keep on having to remind myself not to eat it this! Another purchase from Lush was a little treat for myself, the Snowman bath ballistic. The reason for me picking this bath buddy from all the rest was not because it smelt particularly good but rather it was at the cheaper end of the scale because some are very pricey for a one bath treat! I will of course take some snaps when I use my snowman and tell you guys what I thought.

Now of course, every time I go into boots I have to pick up a Montagne Jeunesse mask and this time I thought I would try one of their glacial paper face masks. I have tried lots of their regular face masks but never a paper one so it will be interesting to see which is best. I also picked up some of the pore cleansing strips from Biore which were reduced. For a long time now, I have been trying to find some product to beat my black heads with no luck but I am holding out hope for these little strips after being really impressed with the Biore face scrub. The La Roche Posay Effaclar duo is another one of those products that I picked up after hearing such good things about it from lots of Youtubers. Recently, my acne has been quite bad so I am really hoping that this will help to clear it up a bit.

Soap and Glory, one of my favourite brands at Boots were having a 3 for 2 and let's just say I had to take advantage of this offer. I got the Fab Pore Facial Mask which was another product purchased to tackle my black head dilemma. It is basically a mask which you apply to your blackhead problem areas and then wash off and crazily run to the mirror in the hope that the little devils have gone, let's hope this works! I also picked up the Dr Spot gel which is designed to help clear break outs which at the moment I really need. I seem to now have rather a collection of spot gels so you can expect to see a little good, bad and ugly edit of all of them. The third and free product in my basket was the Off Your Face wipes from S&G. Now as you read this, I shall be 30,000ft above on a plane and so got these to remove my makeup as we take off and freshen up before landing. My final product that I chucked into my basket was this little face brush. I have tried a massage mitt from S&G before but was not too impressed however this face brush looks like it might be a bit more effective, like a manual version of the clarisonic is what I'm hoping for!

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