Monday, 2 December 2013

Waking Up and Falling Asleep with Boots Botanics

Trying to convince myself to leave my lovely warm duvet in the morning is a task in itself and waking my self up is just another challenge as well. For the past few mornings thought, I have been using a duo of products from the Boots Botanics range which have really helped me not only to wake up in the morning but also to relax in the evening as well. And these two products are the Rosewater toning Spritz which works the morning wake up duty and the cleansing all bright toner which does the night shifts. Both these products I have really liked and have made waking up and falling asleep just that little bit easier with their fresh natural floral scents.

The toning spritz is used by spraying a mist of the product all over your face and removing with a cotton pad to remove that scraps of makeup and dirt that has accumulated overnight preparing your face for moisturiser. I really like the smell of this stuff, it smells very floral and fresh with rose water. It really helps to remove any dirt from my face without having to do a full cleanse and I find spraying my face with the smelly mist really does make me feel refreshed and my skin a little calmer but I don't think it has any major skin benefits, it's just a lovely spray to use but perhaps not an essential.

In the evening, I have really loved using the all bright cleansing toner which shares a similar scent to it's daytime counterpart. This product is slightly different in that it's a toner which like with a nail polish remover you moisten with a cotton pad and then run over your face and neck after having cleansed your face. Now in contrast to the toning spritz, this product is meant to have brightening skin benefits as it's basically a chemical exfoliant and contains alpha hydroxy acid (make sure you wear sunscreen with this as it makes your skin more susceptible to the sun) I was a bit scared that this might sting my sensitive skin but it didn't hurt at all so this should be ok for everyone. After using this, my skin felt in better condition and a little brighter as well so I do think it's doing something but I've only been using it though for a few days so I will update you on this one in a full review.

Overall, I really like these products from the Botanics range. The packaging looks pretty with the floral designs on the front and they both really do help especially in the middle of the week when all you want to do is snuggle up in your duvet all day!

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