Sunday, 5 January 2014

2014 Wishlist!

Here we have a comprehensive list of my ultimate wishes, the items that have been on my wishlist for years and years but the hefty price tag means that they still remain unticked on the list. This year thought, I'd love to have even one of these luxurious items in my hands, it might take a lot of saving those pennies up in my piggy band though!

Micheal Kors features quite heavily on my list, the first item being the Rose Gold Watch, this is the ultimate blogger's watch, seen on the wrists of all the big ones! This really is a beautiful watch, I love the rose gold colour and the oversized shape of it!

Another MK item I really love is this black tote with gold hard wear. The simple black and gold colour scheme makes this look really 'sleek' and expensive. The bag is also big enough to hold everything in it and would even fit in an iPad so it's perfect for a day trip!

Now if your going to buy an expensive bag, you simply have to have the accompanying purse. This black purse again with gold hard wearing matches the bag perfectly and is big enough to fit in all your cards and pennies securely not that I would have much to put I here if I bought it..

I have also been lusting after a pair of the classic Ray ban Wayferer sunglasses in the tortoise shell shade. These sunglasses have a really synonymous shape which I absolutely love and the tortoise shell colour gives them a more vintage twist which is really lovely.

I absolutely love the Links friendship bracelets, they come in loads of different colour combinations but the one that I have my eye on is the purple and rose gold (sensing a trend here) one. If you only wear one thing on your wrists, this just looks lovely riding solo and adds a little something to your outfit.

I really am one of those people who gets sucked in by a good Chanel or the likes perfume advert and have been known to enjoy watching them on Youtube. Oh, how much do you want to be that Parisian girl looking effortlessly beautiful strolling through the city streets with one hell of a hunk after you, well a girl can dream.. or lust after the perfume. Miss Dior is the perfume that I really want, the bottle is simply beautiful and I really want it displayed on my dressing table. And the scent of the perfume, well that just is stunning!

Carrying on with the general rose gold theme of things, I am desperate to have the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay in my clutches! The 12 rose gold toned shade would look so beautiful swept across your lids as a really eye shadow look!

The final and probably most accessible of all the products on the list although still a little pricey is one of the Yankee Candles preferably in the strawberries and cream shade! Your not a blogger until you have a bedroom filled with the 'across the pond' candles wofting a scent everywhere! 

Beauty and the Budget


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