Monday, 6 January 2014

December Favourites! - 2013

A classic beauty blogger line I know but 2013 really has gone so quickly and I can't believe its 2014 now, time just goes quickly anyway, enough philosophical thinking and on with the good stuff!

The hot cloth cleansers from Superdrug have featured in many a monthly favourites post now and pretty much have reached holy grail status as my cleanser of choice. A creamy formula that removes all traces of makeup and makes a good stab at eye makeup as well as softening up your skin - 'nuff said.

Another pick that has full marks in my book are the real techniques buffing and contour brush. Everytime these lovelies get mentioned in a monthly favourites, I seem to find a different use for them, this month I've been loving the contour brush for blending in concealer without getting rid of the coverage. And the buffing brush is really nice as well for popping on your powder without things getting cakey. 

I have been banging on about my love for the they're real mascara from benefit for ages. Although it does ere on the pricier side, it makes my lashes longer, volumised and really black as well with the big brush which gets into all the lashes nicely. 

An accessory favourite this month would be this necklase I picked up from Accesorize. I've worn it everyday and the silver chain and small turqouise circle add a little summin' summin' to every outfit.

Beauty and the Budget

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