Friday, 17 January 2014

Evening Skincare Routine!

After sharing with you my morning skincare favourites, I thought I would also share with you the evening version of events as well. In the evening as soon as I come home from school, I like to remove all of the days makeup and everything else that comes with that (yum) and then give my face a good scrub and treat my blemishes and then top it off with a good blast of moisturiser with perhaps a side helping of a creamy face mask as well.

To remove my makeup there's only one product for the job, a hot cloth cleanser from Superdrug, the choice of either the naturally radiant one or the one crammed with vitamin e although, they basically do the same job. I prepare a muslin cloth with a soak in hot water and rinse the creamy cleanser off my face taking with it all my makeup. For any left over eye makeup, the L'Oreal Miccelar water on a cotton pad works a trace for ridding my under eyes of unwanted mascara. 

Now it's time to scrub' a dub dub. I use the same combo for that job in the am, a blob of the deep cleansing scrub from Biore on my facial brush from Soap and Glory gets away all that dead skin to make it smoother and also help with blemishes. Also for an extra bit of cleansing, I like to rub a bit of the brightening toner from Botanics at Boots on a cotton pad to brighten up my skin.

Now it's time to layer up the spot fighters. Let's start with a little dr spot from Soap and Glory which I apply to any big ol' blemishes and then I go in again with the La Roche Posay Effaclar duo to the general blemish colonies.

Finally, once all that spot gel has dried up, it's time to pop in some hydration with a generous dollop of the vitamin e moisturising cream from Superdrug which I apply all over my face and then take a little extra on my finger and apply this under my eyes as a little treat for my under eyes..

Every couple of days, I also like to reach for a cheeky mid week mask. My choice of mask being either the Sanctuary charcoal self heating mask which is a lovely treat or the Simple deep cleansing mask which is a great 10 minute wash off treat to really calm and sooth the skin.

So there we have a complete run down of my nightly skin rituals which I find a really relaxing routine to do after a long day of work.

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